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Interested in Becoming an EMC Trustee for Media Studies? How to Apply Here

We are currently looking to expand our team of trustees by recruiting a practising Media Studies teacher, or possibly two.
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Specifically we are looking for someone who:

  • is a successful Media Studies teacher, with a minimum of three years experience
  • has a sound grasp of current issues in and around Media Studies teaching (and Film Studies, if possible)
  • is supportive of the ethos of the English and Media Centre
  • is involved with the wider Media Studies teaching community
  • is based within easy reach of the EMC Islington office for after school meetings (5.30 - 7.00 pm).

The EMC board of trustees is responsible for the sound governance of the charity. It meets three times a year at our Islington office (with opportunities to attend virtually if you are sometimes unavailable in person). There are additional occasions when your expertise might be called upon from time to time.

The successful applicant will

  • have the opportunity to develop their understanding of how a charitable organisation works
  • gain valuable insight into issues facing the subject community
  • have a say in important decisions taken by the EMC board of trustees.

This is a voluntary post, with no recompense other than travel expenses.

Should you wish to be considered for the position, then please email Andrew attaching a CV and a brief statement about why you would like to be an EMC trustee. We are keen to have a board of trustees that is reflective of the school communities we work with and so welcome applications by teachers from diverse and historically under-represented backgrounds.

We will hold interviews for the position via Zoom at a time when you are free from teaching responsibilities in the week beginning January 17th.

Application deadline January 10th.


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