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Poems of Decade 2019

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Another great day of poetry, very well organised and run. By Dave Ilott on 26th Jun 2019
Thank you for an illuminating and thought-provoking day. I was particularly impressed with Esther Menon's unseen poetry workshop, and plan to use her ideas in my own teaching.
By Uppingham School on 26th Jun 2019
Thoroughly engaging, inspiring and useful. I love days where I get to be a student again! By Jennifer Cameron on 27th Jun 2019
Seeing so many student faces turned towards the poets and critics on stage with such rapt attention, I was excited, as I am every year, by this conference. The students' willingness to pose questions and engage in debate in such a large and potentially daunting context demonstrates the great grounding in the study of literature (and education more generally) they're getting from their teachers.

As usual, the event offered a good mix of sessions.

Michael Rosen's surprise keynote was a big thrill and he demonstrated so clearly how to 'do poetry' and literature more widely, illuminating the thought processes which take you from one text to another and how they are inter-related. His demystification of literary thought processes was invaluable. He usefully debunked the over-complication of terminology use by describing the 'invisible strings' between words, sounds and imagery which produce the cohesion in a poem.

I could go on!

Suffice it to say, I will be recommending attendance again next year and attending myself.

Clare Haviland
English Subject Advisor for Edexcel
By Clare Haviland on 27th Jun 2019

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