MediaMagazine Production Competition 2019 – The Longlist

We’re delighted to announce our longlist for the MediaMagazine Production Competition Awards Ceremony, to be held at NFT1, BFI Southbank, on Monday 1st July 2019. Congratulations to all our finalists. We will be emailing you within the next few days with your invitation to the awards screening, and details of the event.

Judges' Commnents

MediaMag was prepared for a sharp decrease in the number of entries, given the huge changes to the A Level and BTEC specs and the more limited opportunities for coursework – but we were thrilled to be proved wrong. There was no fall in numbers; we’ve had multiple entries from 23 different schools, scores of individual entries, and a fabulous range of genres, styles and representations. It looks as if your creative impulses and joy in film-making are as strong as ever – and your teachers are supporting you as well as ever, despite their hideous workloads. Congratulations all round. We are delighted that the role of practical work in Media and Film Studies is going from strength to strength!

It’s quite challenging selecting our entries for our 1st July NFT screening, and as always there were some painful choices to be made. Some really great entries were just too long, and others too dark, both visually and metaphorically; where schools sent in a whole range of brilliant entries, we have had to choose only one or two. We think we have a fantastic and varied range, but we wanted to pay particular tribute to some of the films which didn’t make it: to Hannah Driver of Long Road, for her powerful and moving dementia doc The Decline, to Berkhamsted’s well-researched and thought-provoking Mind the Gap, and some terrific work from Hurtwood House, Millfield School, Hills Road, and Great Baddow High School.

Thank you so much to all of you who have entered.  You faced fierce competition, and it’s been a privilege to see so much imaginative and skilful work produced with such attention to detail, craft and passion.  You should all be very proud of yourselves.


  • Neil Thomson, Hills Road Sixth Form College, for '17 and Deaf' (Documentary)
  • Esme Merrell, Long Road, for 'The Juggler' (Short)
  • Rajab Mahmood for 'Kamikaze' (Short)
  • Lewis Gadsby, Sawtry Village Academy, for 'The Tape' (Short)
  • Joshua Hughes, Orleans Park, for 'Looped' (Short)

Music Video

  • Mark Garcia, New College Swindon, for 'Big Sis'
  • Alize Akturk, Latymer, for 'High Five'
  • Mia Smith, Queen Mary College, for 'Disco Tits'
  • Rachel Bruder, Great Baddow, for 'I’ll be by Your Side'
  • Terence Clements, Sofie Miller, Vahe Poghosyan, Shea Salvi, Hurtwood House, for 'Super Rich Kids'

Production Design

  • Phoebe Cramp, Lea Di Giovanni, Dmitry Tkachev, Ben Winterman, Hurtwood House, for 'Serious' (Music Video)
  • Areej Mehdi, Greenford High, for 'A Sight for Sore Eyes' (Trailer)
  • Will Joseph, Sam Cowan, Millfield, for 'Another Circle' (Opening)
  • Luca Stefanutti, Richie Batey, Max Behan, Tom Palliser, Claremont Fan Court, for 'ROBOTICA' (SFTV drama opening)
  • Kitty Eaton-Kent, Finham Park School, for 'For Caroline' (Short)


  • Finn Waring, Tonbridge Wells Grammar, for 'Dystopium' (SFTV drama opening)
  • Erin Shrieves, Highams Park, for 'Bear' (Documentary)
  • Ella Thrasher, North Bristol Post16, for 'Domestic' (Short)
  • Ludo Bolgianni, Rafi Jaetke, Lara Pratt, Katherina Suess, Hurtwood House, for 'Dead Cats Dead Rats' (Opening)


  • Simran Shergill, Churchmead School, for 'Never Forget Me' (Horror trailer)
  • Amelia Gallagher, Durham Sixth Form Centre for 'Switch' (Opening)
  • Jack Wiltshire, Chipping Camden, for 'Memories' (Advert)
  • Louis Pilling, Long Road Sixth Form, for 'Implant' (SF opening)

Barney Oram Creativity Award

  • William de Bretton Gordon, Chipping Camden, for 'Launch' (Opening)
  • Jack Williams, Azra Hinton, St Dunstan's School, for 'Happy Valentines' (Ad campaign)
  • Joe Fuller, Tonbridge Wells Grammar, for 'Hyper' (CrimeTV drama)
  • Jude Lacey, Orleans Park, for 'Amrak' (Short)
  • Finlay Sales, Hillview School, for 'Northern Line 123' (Short)