MediaMagazine Production Competition 2022! Anything Goes! The Shortlist

So here we are with the shortlist – actually quite a long list! – of entries selected for the 2022 MediaMagazine Production Competition awards showreel.

About the entries

We were really delighted to receive so many entries from so many different schools this year – nearly back to pre-pandemic levels which, given the pressures you’ve all been under and the forthcoming exams ordeal, is a real tribute to your commitment and enthusiasm. And what a diverse range of entries – from personal memoirs to Netflix Originals opening sequences, from psychological thrillers to game-related fantasy, and music videos from rap to indie. You may have felt locked down over the last couple of years, but your imaginations were certainly kept alive and kicking.

Click here to check whether your entry has been selected for our 6th July screening at BFI Southbank. Many congratulations if your name is there – but in any case, huge respect to every single one of our entrants for some really impressive and skilful work. Your entries really do get more confident, resourceful and creative year on year. We do hope that you will keep on making films, and that some of you will enter the competition next year.

We’d like to make special mention of several film-makers who have not made it to the list. This year the competition was entitled ‘Anything Goes’, and we had one rule only: that the video should be no longer than 4 minutes. Sadly, as always, we received some excellent videos which were far too long, and we had to disqualify them on the grounds of length.

So special credit goes to Johan Stewart for ‘Guilt’, Jonathan Germanos for ‘My Little Darlings’, and Charlie Crome for ‘King of Diamonds’, all of which were highly original, well-scripted and creative, but just too long to make the cut.

What happens next:

We will shortly be contacting all the shortlistees by email, with full details about the event on 6th July, the timings, schedule and travel instructions. All shortlisted candidates are entitled to invite up to 4 guests to attend the awards ceremony, and we’ll be asking you to send us your numbers by email.

If you have entered and would like to attend the ceremony anyway even if you have not been shortlisted, you are welcome to attend – just email with your name and number of guests. And the same goes if your teacher would like to bring any other media or film students to the event. We want to share your work with as many people as possible!

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on 6th July!

Best wishes, Claire and Jenny

Best Music Video

  • Chiana Pettitt, Southend High School for Girls, 'Love and Suicide'
  • Juliet Harper, Southend High School for Girls, ‘Sweet Dreams’
  • Kiera Milward, Hurtwood House School ‘Boys Like You
  • Emily Tedder, Hurtwood House, ‘The Hunter's Son’

Best Opening/Trailer

  • Freya Childs, Hurtwood House School, ‘Possessed’
  • Izzy McDonald, Finham Park School, ‘Red Mist’
  • Jessica Foster, Charlotte Coppellotti, Ellen Smart, Millie Wyatt, Claremont Fan Court School ‘Dodging A Bullet’
  • Joshua Ray, Northampton College, ‘Distortion in Northampton’
  • Maggie Barksby, Durham Sixth Form Centre, ‘Farewell’
  • Vita Cherepanova, Hurtwood House School, ‘A Void’

Best Short Film

  • Emma Chapman, Durham Sixth Form Centre , ‘Side Effects’
  • Freya Baker-Duffin, Finham Park Sixth Form, ‘Driven To Despair’
  • Guy Porat, JFS School, ‘Love in a Letter’
  • Liberty Welsh, Durham Sixth Form Centre ‘Portent’
  • Leo Kelly, Northampton College, ‘Hope’
  • Lola Aley, Finham Park School, ‘Pridemonth at Poundland’
  • Lucy Corcoran, Poynton Sixth Form, ‘Starwars Edit: Darth Vader’
  • Phoebe Bunyan, Northampton College, ‘Idea’
  • Sadie Cubdill, Countesthorpe Academy, ‘Aggressive’
  • Nathanael Chappell, Darrick Wood Sixth Form College, ‘Life Sentence’
  • Adam Ratcliffe , Countesthorpe Academy, ‘The Sad Button’