The 2016 MediaMag Video Production Award Winners

We're delighted to announce the winners of our MediaMagazine Video Production Competition 2016.

The Awards!

Our MediaMag Awards are the highlight of our year, and on Wednesday 6th July at BFI Southbank demonstrated yet again the amazing talent and skills of Media and Film students. We collected 120+ entries from over 40 schools and colleges nationwide, 18 of which were represented in our longlist of 25 videos – a truly challenging task for our Judge Eva Riley, whose comments you can read below.

To all those who entered, we offer thanks and much appreciation – we hope you’ll enter again next year, and look forward to seeing more of your work. To our longlistees, thank you for such an inspiring afternoon. And to our winners, huge congratulations – we have high hopes for the next stage in your careers.

Music Video


  • Something About You  Aaron Daniels (Maidstone Grammar School)

The Judges said:

A really beautiful video which demonstrated exceptional animation technique and a consistent style that was very engaging and tied in well to the song. We can’t wait to see how Aaron develops his techniques in the future, and hope he’ll continue to experiment with style and form.


  • Back Home: Matt Tam (Berkhamsted School)       
  • Seaside: Jordan Hooper-Shearme (Berkhamsted School)           
  • Falling For You: William Craig (Great Baddow High School)
  • White Light: Grace Phelps, Dom Drumm, India Edwards (Hurtwood House)         
  • Youth: Ben Radcliffe, Max Boast, Ksenia Tamarova (Hurtwood House)       
  • Dull Boy: Jonah Winchcombe, Harrison Screen, Owen Cooney, Darren Sims (Little Heath School)
  • Say Please: Rebecca Miles, Alice Fernandez-Bowyer, Hira Syed, Sophie Tyler (Little Heath School)
  • How About Now: William Skelton (Royal Russell School)
  • Sun Goes Down: Eddie Rowe, Ignacio Flores, Mario Louka (The Latymer School)          
  • Trip Switch: Amber Mota, Shayam Utting, Alistair Price (The Latymer School)

Opening Sequence


  • Offline: Jess Durand (St Mary’s, Gerrards Cross)

The Judges said:

This was a really interesting concept set up in a bold and economic style. Sound, editing, cinematography and design all interacted very well. We’d love to see how Jess develops in the future, perhaps working with actors to get us inside the head of the main character.


  • Dog Tag: Vinay Bhudia (Alperton School)                 
  • Nine: Ryan Evans, Ollie Munday-Rowe, Zander Allman-Varty, Milo Gammond (Claremont Fan Court School) 
  • Connect 4: Sarah Olivier (Great Baddow High School)      
  • Sync Corps: Claudia Kingham, James De Winton, Henry Russell (Hurtwood House School)
  • Tipping Point: Honor Mewis, David Heal, Mingyu Xia (Hurtwood House School)
  • Silent Install: Daniel Smith, Josh Caplan, Sonny Lieberman, Regine Kahlun (JFS)          
  • Algorithm 404: Alex Nicolaides, Matthew Davies,  Jerom Thambipillai (The Latymer School)         
  • Amen: Liam Buckland, Vincent Davenport (Windsor Boys School)

Creativity Awards

  • Sync Corps: Claudia Kingham, James De Winton, Henry Russell (Hurtwood House School)

The Judges said:

Strong cinematography and choreography made this film a genuinely thrilling opening, with some superb editing and jump-out-of-your-seat twists, and chilling performances. It would be great to see them experimenting with more dialogue in the future, to add to the believability of the set-up.

  • Colours: Abida Sultana, Salma Ahmed, Rezwana Begum, Fabiha Kamaly (Mulberry School)

The Judges said:

This lyrical and visually stunning video made impressive use of different techniques and editing, which complemented the rhythm of the song, with a fine central performance and the confidence to use big close-ups. We hope they’ll continue, and not be afraid to focus on mastering just a few different techniques really well.

Special Commendation

  • Strings of a Soldier: Chris Bailey (Bradfield College)

The Judges said:

Chris has been a regular MediaMag winner and is a powerhouse of creative and brilliantly researched ideas. This hugely ambitious video took us back to the American Civil War, with a massive cast, immaculate mise-en-scene, stirring cinematography and haunting music – a big step forward in a really promising career. Be inspired!