EMC working with departments, students and schools

In addition to the one and two day professional development courses run at the Centre, we work with departments, schools, school networks and LAs on longer term projects and consultancies. Recent off-site projects have included: cross-curricular literacy, creativity, improving writing, media.

We have a ‘menu’ of courses we can run for your department or CPD event (see below). If you do not see what you are looking for here, please get in touch to discuss the possibilities. Email Kate Oliver for more details and a quote.

  • Tackling Unseen Texts for GCSE
  • Teaching Poetry for GCSE
  • Teaching Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  • Teaching A Christmas Carol
  • Teaching AQA English Language
  • Teaching Key Literary and Linguistic Terminology for GCSE
  • Improving Writing for GCSE
  • Teaching Creative Writing for GCSE
  • Fun with VSPaG! Engaging ways to teach the technical aspects of Language
  • Developing Learning in Higher Attaining Students at KS3&4
  • Helping Your Lower Attaining Students Make Progress at KS3&4
  • Progress Across Key Stages: Preparing KS3 for the Rigours of GCSE
  • Teaching the 19th Century at KS3
  • Non-Fiction Across the Centuries at KS3
  • Teaching GCSE Successfully Post-16