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Developing a Diverse and Rich Reading Culture at KS3&4

Why should you attend? 

This course will give you ideas for planning and resourcing a rich reading culture for 11-16 year olds, both inside the classroom and beyond. It will take into account the importance of encouraging reading for pleasure, while also recognising the importance of introducing students to a diverse range of challenging texts. With input from an expert in children’s literature, you will be introduced to a wide range of new and established texts from a range of genres, as well as exploring strategies for teaching reading effectively in class. The course is suitable for both English teachers and school librarians. Schools might encourage both to attend.

You can obtain full funding for up to two colleagues to attend this course if your school is registered with the Global Learning Programme and has sufficient e-credits available. Full details here.

What will the course cover?

  • Advice about which novels work best in the classroom for different age groups.
  • An exploration of YA fiction and other novels that work at 11-16.
  • An exploration of texts that promote diversity.
  • Ideas about how to bring novels and poetry to life in the classroom.
  • Strategies for encouraging critical engagement with literature in the classroom.
  • Recommendations about how to encourage reading poetry for pleasure.

NB. This course draws on some elements of a previous course, KS3 Literature for Today’s World: Building in Challenge & Diversity.



'As ever, I leave inspired and excited to use these activities in my classroom.'

Sasha Dugdale, Yarm School on 'Teaching Literature at KS3: New Challenges'

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