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Doing News with the Guardian Education Centre

Why should you attend?

This course offers a unique chance for both media and English specialists to experience a typical news day in an organisation with 24-hour, worldwide coverage. Based at the Guardian Education Centre, attendees will hear from leading journalists and editors, develop news editing and production skills by taking part in a front page workshop, enjoy a tour of the Guardian offices, and have the option of a media or English good practice workshop run by the English and Media Centre. The course will develop media teachers’ understanding of the newspaper industry and English teachers’ awareness of writing and responding to broadsheet newspapers. 

What will the course cover?

  • Ownership, audience and analytics.
  • Sourcing, writing, editing and communicating (news) stories for print and web.
  • The different types of writing (including features and opinion) that go into producing daily and weekly news.
  • Teaching strategies and resources.

Choice of workshop:

  • Tackling newspapers for the exams (for media specialists).
  • Reading and writing the news (for English specialists).

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