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EMC CPD Face-to-Face: Assessment for English – Key Principles and Practices (Full day at EMC 23.11.22)

This one-day face-to-face course will take place at The English and Media Centre in London (see right for address and map). The course will be limited to 15 participants. 

Course content

This course moves beyond generic approaches to assessment as applied to all subject areas in a school, to explore instead the principles and practices that underpin effective assessment for English. Recognising that our subject encompasses a range of different areas of study, the course will look at how to make assessment – both summative and formative – adaptive, so that it works for all attainment levels across different aspects of reading, writing, speaking and listening, and for language and literature. Given how prescriptive and constraining some school systems currently are, we will offer things to aspire to, but also suggestions for how to make small but telling adaptations to school systems in current use.  There will be a chance to share assessment approaches with other teachers.

What will the course cover?

  • Principles and practices underpinning assessment for English
  • Assessment for reading and for writing
  • Assessment for language and for literature
  • Managing formative assessment tasks
  • Designing summative assessment tasks that complement your curriculum
  • Inventive ways of responding to the requirements of your school’s systems.

Course tutors: Lucy Hinchliffe and Andrew McCallum

Lucy Hinchliffe is EMC’s Research & Projects Lead consultant. Her work is focused on exploring how English is taught in schools and how EMC can best support this through publications and CPD. She also specialises in KS3 and KS4 courses at the Centre, and has contributed to several publications, including the EMC Teaching novels pack for The Bone Sparrow, and EMC Poetry Plus. Lucy was an English teacher, KS3 Coordinator and whole school CPD leader in an outer London school prior to joining EMC full time. 

Andrew McCallum is Director of the English and Media Centre. Prior to that he ran a PGCE course in secondary English, and previously he taught for 15 years in London schools, spending most of that time at Acland Burghley School in Camden. He holds a doctorate in education, is author of Creativity and Learning in Secondary English (Routledge) and writes regularly for NATE's Teaching English magazine. If asked to name the EMC publication he's most proud of having worked on, it would be a three-way contest between Iridescent AdolescentDiverse Shorts and Write On.

How to book your place

Bookings for this course will close at 8am on Monday 21st November, or when capacity (15) is reached, whichever is the sooner. 

  • This course must be booked online. If you pay by card that is a big help to us as a small, not-for-profit organisation. Please only ask to be invoiced if required by your school. If you need to pay by invoice, you must be signed into a 'School User' account. You will not be able to request an invoice if you have one of the short courses in your basket at the same time. These must be paid for in advance.
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  • Please do not book travel until you have received confirmation that this in-person course is running. You will receive this confirmation no later than one week before the course date. (For details of timing, centre address and map, see right.) 
  • Please note, if a course has to be cancelled for reasons beyond our reasonable control, you will not be charged for the course and will receive a refund if you paid in advance. However, personal arrangements including travel, accommodation or hospitality relating to the course which have been arranged by you or your institution are at your own risk and not refundable by us.

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