EMC CPD Online: A Level English Language Conference: Linguistics in the Classroom (22.6.21)

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This conference brings together linguists and teachers of A Level English Language to discuss and exemplify practical ways of researching language in A Level classrooms. Two linguist-led sessions bookend the afternoon, with a focus on the classroom applications of projects on accent research and corpus work, while three teacher-led sessions offer practical approaches to different aspects of the A Level.

Talking About Voices: developing student-led projects on accent and dialect

Led by Dr Holly Dann and Dr Sadie Ryan (Manchester Metropolitan University). Dr Holly Dann is a Research Associate in Linguistics at Manchester Met. She is a sociolinguist who researches sociophonetic variation and change. Dr Sadie Ryan is a Research Associate in Linguistics at Manchester Met. Her research interests include sociolinguistic variation and its role in identity construction, migration, adolescence, linguistic discrimination, and the treatment of language in high school education.

Corpora in the A Level Classroom: how we can use corpus linguistics approaches in the A level classroom

Led by Dr Dana Gablasova, who is a senior lecturer in the Linguistics and English Language department of Lancaster University with a particular interest in corpus-based approaches to vocabulary, language learning and language testing.

Working with Meanings & Representations: meaningful approaches to text analysis

Led by Neil Hutchinson, who teaches at Kirkbie Kendal School in the Lake District.

Keeping it Interesting and Relevant: using current linguistic research to inform student projects and research

Led by Clare Mellor, who is a former Head of English with many years of experience teaching A Level English Language. Recently, she has written articles on English Language topics for emagazine.

Researching Language Attitudes: what students can learn about attitudes to language

Led by Stewart McNicol, who is an English teacher based in Stoke-on-Trent. He has spoken and written extensively on the subject of language diversity in education

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Course tutors: Introduced by Dan Clayton

Featuring sessions from Sadie Ryan & Holly Dann, Dana Gablasova, Neil Hutchinson, Clare Mellor and Stewart McNicol.

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It is so interesting to get insights from researchers about what they are investigating now. I feel like it's a wonderful way to keep the A level content current and to be up to date with some key language issues. The speakers were knowledgeable and engaging, and shared their research and reflections generously.

Claire Foster, Weald of Kent Grammar School on the A Level Teacher Conference: Language Diversity

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