In-school whole department training and resourcing for EMC KS3 CurriculumPlus

Combines CPD and resourcing for your department

Why should your school book this CPD?

Recent interest in the KS3 curriculum has been driven by a need to offer Y7-9 pupils something distinctively different from KS4. A focus on the KS3 curriculum will form part of the next Ofsted framework for inspection.

EMC has responded with KS3 CurriculumPlus, 35 units of learning, based around our award-winning resources and anthologies. The KS3 CurriculumPlus package comes with class sets of five different books, planning for each unit, additional resources for planning and teaching and class sets of EMC CurriculumPlus Card Collection.

This CPD will provide your school with the complete KS3 CurriculumPlus package, along with training about how best to implement it. The training will offer strategies to apply to your existing curriculum as well as to the KS3 CurriculumPlus resources.

What will you get?

  • A full day of CPD for your department led by an EMC consultant – in school, or at the English and Media Centre – you choose.
  • Material to work on with your department before and after the training day.
  • The complete EMC KS3 CurriculumPlus Package 1 worth £1390 (see below).

What will the CPD cover?

  • Identifying what your KS3 students need from English.
  • Revising, reinvigorating and revamping your KS3 curriculum.
  • Teaching literature from the perspective of the whole text.
  • Teaching language as a meaningful subject discipline.
  • Developing independence and agency in your students.
  • Fostering a passion for English among your students.
  • Developing critical thinking.

EMC KS3 CurriculumPlus Package 1

  • 30 copies of Literary Shorts Anthology
  • 30 copies of Non-fiction Shorts
  • 30 copies of Diverse Shorts
  • 30 copies of KS3 Poetry Plus
  • 30 copies of KS3 Language Laboratory 
  • 1 copy of Literary Shorts Teacher Resource
  • EMC Curriculum Plus Card Collection – 2 boxes
  • USB with curriculum map, EMC curriculum processes, medium term planning and overview of lesson units
  • A place on an EMC KS3 course

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