EMC CPD Face-to-Face: Language Diversity for AQA (Full day at EMC 7.7.2022)

This one-day face-to-face course will take place at The English and Media Centre in London (see right for address and map). The course will be limited to 15 participants. 

Course content

This face-to-face course focuses on the AQA English Language A level and, in particular, the topic of language diversity and the discourses and debates around it. Beginning with topics such as regional dialect and sociolect before moving onto ethnicity, world Englishes and gender, the course is designed to look at the basics, helping to develop teachers’ subject knowledge, looking at the latest research and thinking about ways to build on students’ previous study and knowledge. Guest presenter Devyani Sharma will make use of the resources from the Teach Real English! site at QMUL to discuss recent work on attitudes to accents, changing forms of London English and the ways in which all of us vary our language to express our identities in different settings.

What will the course cover?

  • Key case studies
  • The basics of language variation and how to describe its features and characteristics
  • Sociolinguistic topic areas such as accent and dialect, sociolect and gender
  • Debates and arguments about language variation and diversity
  • Encouraging student-led research and writing.

Course tutors: Dan Clayton and Professor Devyani Sharma

Devyani Sharma is Professor of Sociolinguistics at Queen Mary University of London and one of the main linguists involved in the Teach Real English and Accent Bias in Britain projects. Her publications include The Language of London and Londoners – Urban Sociolinguistics Around the World The City As a Linguistic Process and Experience (Routledge) and World Englishes and Sociolinguistic Theory –The Oxford Handbook of World Englishes (Oxford University Press, USA).

Dan Clayton is an education consultant at the EMC and specialises in English Language work at A Level and language education across the secondary curriculum. He has been a teacher of A level English for over 20 years, senior examiner and moderator for an awarding body and is author/editor of many books for A Level English Language, including ones for Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press & Routledge, as well as publications for the EMC and NATE. Dan has worked closely with many universities to help develop links between A Level and HE, worked as a research fellow at UCL and runs the EngLangBlog site and @EngLangBlog twitter account. He has also taught Media and Film Studies and is Associate Editor of both emagaizne and MediaMagazine

How to book your place

Bookings for this course will close at 8am on Bookings close 8am Tuesday 5th July, or when capacity (15) is reached, whichever is the sooner. 

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This was a truly wonderful course led by expert facilitators Dan and Shevyani. There was so much to cover and although we effectively ran out of time, we have all been sent links to a wealth of resources to use with our students. A really full-day that was so beneficial - and much needed!

Alison Woolcock, Ruislip High School on 'Language Diversity for AQA'.

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