From Primary to Secondary: Helping Pupils Make Progress at KS3

Why should you attend? 

Following changes to the primary school National Curriculum, pupils are arriving in secondary schools with a different set of literacy skills and more specific grammar knowledge than in previous years. What can secondary teachers expect year 7 pupils to know, and how can they build on this to enable pupils to make good progress? Run in partnership with CLPE (the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education) this course will look at how knowledge and skills acquired in the primary years can be developed in KS3. Throughout the day the emphasis will be on practical ideas, engaging, exploratory activities and interesting texts.

What will the course cover?

  • Where have KS3 pupils come from? The new landscape at KS2.
  • Strategies from the primary classroom that transfer successfully to KS3.
  • Practical and engaging grammar activities to enhance critical reading skills.
  • Helping less able year 7 to find their feet. 
  • Stretch and challenge for more able year 7.

NB. This course draws on two previous courses: From Primary to Secondary: Helping Pupils Make Progress at KS3 and The Post Levels Landscape. 



'I found the whole day engaging, interesting and incredibly useful. Thanks for the resources.'

Sally Devlin, Frederick Bremer on 'From Primary to Secondary: Helping Students Make Progress at KS3'

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