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From Script to Screen: Video Production in the Classroom

Why should you attend?

Video production offers students exciting opportunities to build soft and hard production skills. It is also a fantastic way to deepen and extend their understanding of media texts and theory. This course will focus on active and practical tasks that will give teachers an understanding of all stages of the video production process. Participants will develop hands-on classroom practices and go away armed with a raft of active lesson ideas. There will also be plenty of opportunities to discuss equipment needs and priorities, as well as course organisation.

What will the course cover?

  • Ways of developing your understanding of planning and pre-production tasks.
  • A range of practical activities that will build up your own skills.
  • How to use digital cameras and sound equipment confidently.
  • How to use Premiere Pro to organise and edit projects.
  • A range of active lesson ideas.


Accessible, engaging and thought provoking.

Anna Anstead, William de Ferrers School, on ‘Fast-track to Media Theory’.

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