Improving Writing for A Level English Literature

Why should you attend?

This course will give you the chance to analyse what we mean by good writing and offer ways of helping students to develop the skills and knowledge to write well in different kinds of essays and for different exams and components. We will deal with major issues affecting student achievement in writing, including planning, content and subject terminology. The course will draw on many years of work with both teachers and students.

What will the course cover?

  • The relationship between talk, reading and writing.
  • Strategies for planning.
  • Developmental approaches to writing.
  • How to use subject terminology well.
  • Beyond the critical essay – creative and recreative writing.
  • Good writing about contexts and ways of incorporating criticism.

NB. This is a repeat course.


One of the most useful courses I have been on, ever!

Anna Palmer, Loughborough High School on ‘Improving Writing for A Level Literature’.

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