Investigating English Language: Tackling the NEA

Why should you attend?

The Language Investigation has been a core part of the coursework (NEA) for A Level English Language for a long time and it is still an important element of the specification. Bearing in mind the fact it is now worth fewer marks, this course will show you how to introduce language investigation in effective, engaging and time-efficient ways, including different topics and methodologies for project work and how to help your students carry out successful and varied investigations from scratch.

What will the course cover?

  • What’s involved in a language investigation. 
  • Different models and methods for investigating language.
  • New ideas for topics and approaches. 
  • How to structure and support investigations across the two-year course. 

NB. This is a repeat course.


Another excellent course from the EMC!

Charlotte Kearns, Bacon’s College, on ‘Investigating English Language: Tackling the NEA’.

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