Language Diversity & Language Discourses for AQA

Why should you attend?

This course focuses on the AQA English Language AS and A Level topics of language diversity and language discourses. Beginning with topics such as regional dialect, sociolect and occupation before moving onto ethnicity, world Englishes and gender, the course is designed to address the main areas for Paper 2, helping to develop teachers’ subject knowledge, looking at new research and thinking, and examining ways to make this relevant to students. With language discourses, we will look at some of the main arguments around these topics and consider ways to encourage students to engage with these debates.

What will the course cover?

  • Sourcing texts and data, adapting material and developing resources for the A Level course.
  • An overview of research, theories and case studies for each area.
  • Ideas for introductory lessons and student projects to suit your students’ interests.
  • Ways to develop and maintain subject knowledge.

NB. This is a repeat course.


Brilliant delivery of materials to develop my knowledge and confidence.

Rhian Williams, Uckfield College on ‘Language Diversity & Language Discourses for AQA’.

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