Mixed Attainment: Making Your Teaching Adaptive (Summer 2020)

Why should you attend?

Ofsted’s new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) explicitly states that it does not want to see too many lessons that involve time-consuming differentiation strategies. Instead, it encourages the use of ‘adaptive’, or ‘responsive’, teaching. Drawing on the inspirational ‘Learning Without Limits’ practices that were developed by teachers and academics working across sectors in all subject areas, this course shows you how a core of English disciplinary practices can be applied across your curriculum to help all of your pupils reach their potential in mixed attainment classrooms.

What will the course cover?

  • Examining the evidence about mixed attainment teaching.
  • Interrogating the concept of ability in English.
  • Teaching difficult concepts and texts to mixed attainment classes.
  • Exploring the importance of pupil engagement, choice and reflection.
  • Practical ways to implement ‘adaptive’ teaching strategies.

NB. This a repeat course. It will not cover pupils with specific special educational needs.


Amazing! So many practical takeaways from this. Will be implementing some very soon!

Cam-Tu Tomkins, North Bridge House Senior School, on ‘Mixed Attainment’.

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