Starting to Teach A Level English Language

Why should you attend?

If you are new or newish to teaching the English Language A Level, this cross-specification course will boost your subject knowledge with an introduction to most of the key areas of study. You will have the opportunity to look at ways to develop your – and your students’ – understanding of the building blocks of language analysis and the main approaches to sociolinguistic research used on all AS and A Level courses, equipping you to take on the first year of teaching with confidence.

What will the course cover?

  • The nuts and bolts of text analysis.
  • How to explore meanings in different kinds of texts.
  • Sociolinguistic topic areas such as accent & dialect, gender and sociolect.
  • Debates and arguments about language.
  • Encouraging student-led research and writing.


As someone who has never studied Language at A Level, I am leaving confident, motivated and enlightened!

Cristina Perez, The Leventhorpe Academy on ‘AQA English Language A Level: Refresh Your Subject Knowledge’.

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