Studying Hamlet for A Level Literature or Lang/Lit

Why should you attend?

A cross-specification course to reinvigorate both your own reading of Hamlet and your teaching strategies. As well as sessions providing resources and practical approaches for teaching the text and for looking at the play in its literary and generic context, the day will include a short lecture by Dr Eric Langley of UCL.

What will the course cover?

  • A range of approaches for reading and analysing the text, including performance, stylistics and critical materials.
  • Hamlet as tragedy – practical strategies to introduce, explore and use concepts and criticism effectively to illuminate the text.
  • The play in its context – how to ensure context deepens rather than dominates responses.
  • Revising the text – strategies to extend students’ understanding rather than simply consolidate it.

NB. This will include elements of the course run in December 2016.



As ever, an outstanding and inspirational experience – the place for CPD for English teachers.

Emer Cullen, King Edward VI School on ‘Studying Hamlet for A Level Literature or Lang/Lit’.

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