Teaching A Streetcar Named Desire for Lit or Lang/Lit A Level

Why should you attend? 

This cross-specification course will provide ideas for engaging with the text on the page and in production, situating the play in its cultural, historic and generic context, including that of the first stage production. Activities exploring the play’s literary, linguistic and dramatic qualities will be complemented by critical material to challenge your students and develop your own subject knowledge. 

What will the course cover?

  • Fresh ideas for analysing characters, symbols and themes.
  • Exploring ideas about naturalism, expressionism and Williams’ ‘plastic theatre’.
  • A Streetcar Named Desire as tragedy.
  • Making effective use of criticism.

NB. This course will include substantial elements of the course run in April 2016. 



An outstanding day throughout all sessions. Very helpful and presented with such clarity. EMC materials, as always, superb.

Diane Jackson, Cokethorpe School on ‘Teaching A Streetcar Named Desire’.

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