Teaching AQA English Language for GCSE

Why should you attend? 

This course will be helpful whether you are new to teaching English GCSE 9-1 from September, or are reviewing how things have gone so far. In some ways, the new GCSE English Language is content-free and we will discuss some of the opportunities and challenges this presents, such as how to create a coherent, engaging course while building skills for exam success. Three short units for you to take away will provide a basis for exploring issues, classroom strategies and good practice. If you are following a different GCSE specification but would like to attend, please contact Kate (kate@englishandmedia.co.uk) to discuss how much of the course would be relevant to you.

What will the course cover?

  • Teaching the reading skills: unseen fiction, literary non-fiction and 19th-century non-fiction.
  • Teaching the writing skills.
  • Expanding students’ repertoire of what to look for in a text. 
  • Building independence and resilience for exam success.
  • Making virtuous links between different elements of the curriculum to create a coherent course.
  • Three short, adaptable units that exemplify good practice.

NB. This will be a repeat of a course held in autumn 2015.

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