Teaching Dystopia for OCR

Why should you attend? 

On this course you’ll both develop your own knowledge of dystopian and speculative fiction and have the chance to try out and reflect on practical strategies for the classroom. We will look at ways of introducing students to the literary context, key ideas and concepts, as well as exploring the way the individual texts work as narratives.

Please let us know when booking which texts you are planning to teach. We will assume that teachers have some familiarity with both novels.

What will the course cover?

  • Resources and practical strategies to introduce key ideas about the genre and literary context.
  • Developing your own thinking about the text.
  • Ways of reading – a focus on your chosen text, with creative and critical approaches to close analysis.
  • Making effective use of criticism.

NB. This course will draw on materials and strategies from Dystopia courses held in 2015-16. 


Inspiring, fun and eternally helpful. I remember coming to EMC as an NQT 11 years ago and I always leave happy and (mentally and literally) well-fed.

Jennifer Connell, Forest School, on ‘Dystopia (OCR) and Science & Society (Edexcel)’.

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