Teaching Elements of Crime for AQA B A Level Literature

Why should you attend?

This course will exploit the opportunities offered by AQA B’s exciting Elements of Crime component (diverse and engaging texts, fascinating literary and generic context) and explore how to rise to its challenges, ensuring students also gain an understanding of the individual texts’ distinctive qualities as drama, narrative, poetry. While the day will be focused on supporting your teaching of the component, it is also intended to develop your confidence in relation to the genre.

What will the course cover?

  • What makes it crime? Exploring themes, concepts and conventions.
  • Going beyond the crime fiction genre: how writers use the conventions of drama, poetry or narrative. 
  • Balancing ‘big picture’ and close analysis – critical and creative approaches.
  • Contextualising crime literature and audience responses over time. 
  • From debating games to challenging criticism – extending students’ responses.

NB. This is a repeat course.



Useful, practical and engaging ideas for the classroom. Superb!

Andrew Skinner, Aylesbury Grammar School, ‘Teaching Elements of Crime for AQA B A Level Literature’.

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