Teaching English: A Big Picture Approach to Curriculum

Why should you attend?

This course will draw on research and theory into English teaching that demonstrates the importance of starting with the ‘big picture’ – in other words, working with whole texts, drawing on contextualised approaches to language study and linking learning to students’ own lives. Not only does such an approach have the potential to develop your students’ linguistic repertoires and literary awareness, it also makes English a vibrant, engaging subject at both KS3 and KS4. You will leave with an abundance of resources and ideas to make yours a ‘big picture’ classroom.

What will the course cover?

  • Research-informed rationale for teaching ‘big picture’ English.
  • Whole text approaches to teaching literature.
  • Big picture language study.
  • Big picture forms of response and assessment.
  • The importance of critical literacy.
  • Linking the ‘big picture’ to the new Ofsted Framework.

NB. This course will draw on previous courses: Reinvigorating KS3, Getting Your KS3 Curriculum Right, Teaching Big Picture English at KS3 and Creating a Distinctive KS3 Curriculum.



All sessions extremely useful and inspiring.

Joseph Parkin, Lord Lawson of Beamish School on ‘Teaching Big Picture English at KS3’.

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