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Teaching Grammar and Developing Vocabulary at KS3 & KS

Why should you attend?

A better grasp of grammar and a wide vocabulary, including academic vocabulary, will help to equip your students for success at GCSE. Grounded in research, this course will explore how to teach these aspects of English in meaningful, engaging and context-based ways. You will go away with ideas for students working at all attainment levels, including those who are ready to exploit the creative possibilities offered by an advanced grasp of grammar and a more sophisticated vocabulary. The course also offers an opportunity to clarify and update your own understanding of some key concepts.

What will the course cover?

  • Approaching the teaching of grammar and vocabulary holistically, in the context of speaking, reading and writing. 
  • Using grammar and vocabulary knowledge for critical reading and close analysis of language. 
  • Encouraging pupils to reflect productively on their own use of vocabulary and grammar. 
  • Strategies to encourage ambitious sentence construction, appropriately deployed. 
  • Helping students to broaden their vocabulary, including academic vocabulary, and to choose words for deliberate effect. 
  • NB. This is a repeat course. 



The course leaders were helpful and clearly very knowledgeable.

Antonina Laporta, St Clement Danes on ‘Develop Your Grammar & Vocabulary Knowledge for Teaching’.

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