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Teaching Language and Grammar in Context for KS3&4

Why should you attend?

English Language work can consist of many different elements, ranging from a close focus on how grammar works to wider discussion about the choices we all make when using language in different settings. We will look at how to develop students’ ability to analyse language, in context, discuss ways to build on their study of grammar at Key Stage 2 and look at how an understanding of language in its broader sense can feed into productive work in Key Stages 3 and 4. Designed around three key areas – VPaG, standard English and the language of literature – this course will provide you with a wealth of resources to use or adapt.

What will the course cover?

  • The nuts and bolts of language analysis in literary and non-literary texts.
  • The importance of contexts such as genre, audience and purpose when interpreting texts.
  • The significance of Standard English, and the importance of studying non-standard forms.
  • Strategies for teaching grammar, vocabulary and punctuation.


Very interesting and provided some highly useful resources to use with students in the future.

Beth Goddard, Wren Academy on ‘Teaching Grammar at KS3’.

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