Teaching Larkin and Duffy for EDUQAS A Level Literature

Why should you attend?

Comparing two poetry texts poses particular challenges for students. The requirement to write balanced, comparative pieces bringing in evidence from at least four poems is something that needs supportive development. Helping students to identify and understand the significant points of similarity and difference between the two collections is at the heart of doing this. This course will offer food for thought about the collections themselves, as well as a range of ways of working with them to develop students’ confidence, understanding and ability to write about them comparatively.

What will the course cover?

  • What’s special about each collection? What’s worth comparing?
  • Reading comparatively and ways of structuring the study to support this.
  • Big picture, close detail – how to make detail serve big ideas in a comparative essay.
  • What does good comparative writing look like?
  • Critical, creative approaches to take students’ thinking forward.
  • Helping students to make best use of their knowledge in the exam.


So informative; so much to take back to the department. Feel much more prepared and confident to teach poetry now.

Emma Close, Kew House School, ‘Teaching Poetry for A Level Literature’.

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