Teaching Nineteen Eighty-Four for A Level Literature

Why should you attend?

This course offers you the chance to immerse yourself in Nineteen Eighty-Four in its own right, as well as in the context of dystopian and social protest literature. Opportunities to try out a wide range of critical and creative activities on the novel will be complemented by a short lecture from Dr David Dwan on ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four and Human Rights’.

What will the course cover?

  • What’s special about Nineteen Eighty-Four as a novel? Strategies for exploring the literary qualities of the novel.
  • Critical, creative and stylistics approaches to analysing the novel.
  • Reading the novel in its literary, generic and political contexts.
  • Sharpening up and extending responses through the effective use of criticism.


Excellent resources and got me thinking in a new way about the texts.

Philippa Peverley, St Marylebone C of E School on ‘Teaching Dystopia for OCR’.

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