Teaching the American Literature Topic for OCR

Why should you attend? 

OCR’s American Literature topic paper provides a wonderful opportunity to study some classic individual texts in the context of a rich array of wider reading. However, preparing students to deal with unseen texts across a broad time period and large body of work has its challenges. This course will provide opportunities for you to consider how best to teach two American texts for a comparative task, as well as providing contextual material and broad enough reading to prepare students for the unseen task.

What will the course cover?

  • Establishing key preoccupations and features of American literature within the set period, for you and your students.
  • Ways of reading the set texts within the thematic context.
  • Comparing two texts – preparing students for the comparative question. 
  • Creative and critical approaches to close analysis. 
  • A cluster of extracts to provide literary context and resource the unseen.
  • The texts in context: how to use literary, historical and generic contexts to illuminate the text.

NB. The course will draw on recent courses on teaching the OCR Post-1900 Prose and Teaching the American Literature Topic for OCR A Level.


The most useful INSET I’ve been on since the last EMC one I attended! Fantastic!

Kristina Leslie, Shrewsbury School on ‘Teaching the American Literature Topic for OCR A Level’.

Just so inspirational. Creativity underpinned with academic rigour.

Anna Stephenson-Boyles, Bury College on ‘Teaching the American Literature Topic’.

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