Teaching the Edexcel Comparative Prose Component

Why should you attend?

The Edexcel Comparative Prose component is proving to be a very rewarding, but challenging, element of this specification. The course will explore ways of teaching the two chosen texts in relation to each other, in the context of the topic area, and preparing students for writing successfully in the exam. It will offer strategies that are adaptable to the three thematic areas below. 

Topics being covered on this course:

  • Women and Society 
  • Science and Society 
  • The Supernatural 

When booking, please let us know both which of these topic areas you are teaching and the texts you have chosen.

What will the course cover?

  • Approaches to the teaching of the two novels – how to encourage comparative thinking.
  • Ways of developing students’ preparedness for the exam over the two years of the course.
  • Exploring examination writing and the lessons it offers about what to teach your students and how.
  • Revision strategies, to gear students up for the exam.

NB. This is a repeat course.



Thank you for an enlightening and inspiring day!

Emma Ley, Putney High School, ‘Teaching the Edexcel Comparative Prose Component’.

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