Teaching The Grapes of Wrath in the Context of American Literature for OCR

Why should you attend?

The Grapes of Wrath is a wonderful choice of text for the American Literature topic for OCR, but it presents teachers with lots of difficult decisions about how to read a long novel in a comparative context, with a mass of historical material available that might risk swamping the study of the text itself. This course will help you steer a clear and sensible path through the teaching. It will provide you with resources and strategies to help students answer well on the text in the exam, as well as helping them to connect their study both to the other text and to the literary context so vital for answering on the unseen text as well.

What the course will cover

  • Exploring what makes for good writing on the text.
  • An approach to contexts – both literary and historical/social.
  • Getting through the text – some strategies.
  • Teaching the text as one to be compared with a second text in the topic area.
  • Teaching the text in relation to the requirement for an unseen response.

We're delighted that Professor Nicolas Tredell will be joining us to give a lecture on the novel.


This was a superb course. I found my own understanding of the texts enriched and my approach to teaching the unit challenged and extended.

Sam Butler, Robert Clack School on ‘Teaching the American Literature Topic for OCR’.

Just so inspirational. Creativity underpinned with academic rigour.

Anna Stephenson-Boyles, Bury College on ‘Teaching the American Literature Topic’.

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