Teaching The Great Gatsby for A Level Literature or Lang/Lit

Why should you attend? 

A cross-specification course to reinvigorate both your own reading of The Great Gatsby and your teaching strategies. As well as sessions providing resources and practical strategies for teaching the text in its literary and generic context, the day will include a short lecture by Professor Nicolas Tredell.

What will the course cover?

  • What’s special about Gatsby? From plot and theme to voice, style and structure.
  • A range of activities for reading and analysing the text including critical, creative and stylistics approaches.
  • The Great Gatsby as Great American Novel and as tragedy: using generic contexts to illuminate the text.
  • Sharpening up and extending responses through the effective use of criticism.


The most useful INSET I’ve been on since the last EMC one I attended! Fantastic!

Kristina Leslie, Shrewsbury School on ‘Teaching the American Literature Topic for OCR A Level’.

'I’ve been on several of your courses and regard the level of preparation, the thought and commitment that goes into them exemplary.'

Claire David, Shrewsbury on 'Teaching The Great Gatsby'

Excellent. Highly practical - I will be using some of this material tomorrow morning!

David Gaffney, Hatch End High School, Teaching The Great Gatsby (Curric 2008)

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