Teaching the Modernists for A Level Literature

Why should you attend?

This is a day for you to explore the cultural and critical context of modernism and how to make use of this understanding to illuminate the literary texts set for examination at A Level. The course will be suitable for anyone teaching a modernist text such as Mrs Dalloway, The Waste Land, Dubliners, The Sound and the Fury, or for those studying Edexcel’s selection of modernist poetry.

What will the course cover?

  • Providing students with a rich cultural context for their studies, whatever text they are studying.
  • Making effective use of criticism around the text, including criticism about modernism.
  • Creative and recreative ways of developing critical analysis and an understanding of a text’s modernist features.
  • A chance to explore your particular text in the context of modernism, including what makes it distinctive.


As ever, an outstanding and inspirational experience – the place for CPD for English teachers.

Emer Cullen, King Edward VI School, EMC A Level Literature course.

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