Teaching the Novel for A Level Literature

Why should you attend?

All specifications at A Level involve the study of a novel. How can you develop students’ broader understandings of narrative through the teaching of a single text, or pair of texts? What’s the best way of getting the reading done, to maximise the time for discussion of key ideas? What do we mean by knowing a novel well for exam purposes? What’s involved in writing well about novels, as compared with other genres? These are just some of the issues that we will address, with practical activities that can be adapted to suit the novel or novels that you are teaching.

What will the course cover?

  • An agenda for teaching narrative and the chance to apply this to the texts you are teaching.
  • A focus on managing the reading of a novel and strategies for developing independence.
  • Practical strategies to develop students’ abilities to write effectively about narrative texts.
  • Revision strategies for the novel as preparation for exams.
  • Creative approaches as ways into analytical study.


Excellent course. Illuminating and engaging. Great selection of ideas and resources.

Luke Thompson, The Streetly Academy on ‘Narrative - Tackling the Tricky Issues’.

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