EMC Just Write National Writing Day 2019

This year we invited students (and teachers) to Just Write! in response to one of four activities from our beautiful new workbook

Here you can see students from Mayfield School busy writing – and then talking about the experience.

We’ve also featured writing at the end sent to our Twitter feed from School 21, Oxford Spires Academy, Aylesbury Grammar School and @KGAEnglish.

You can still take part!

  • Download the stimulus material you will need to run EMC Just Write! (available here as a printable PDF and here as a PowerPoint).
  • Set aside 30 minutes.
  • Display or print out the stimulus material.
  • Explain to students that they can write in any form they want in response to one of the prompts – and that their writing will not be assessed or marked in anyway.

Ethos of EMC Just Write!

This activity is designed so that students can write with minimal intervention from teachers. If students are stuck, we recommend that you help them to get started and then ‘let them loose’ from that point forward.