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emagazine 36

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  • Adapting Jane Eyre - an interview with Sandy Welch
  • Measure for Measure: political realities
  • Exploring jargon
  • The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock - voices and allusions
  • Harold Pinter: The Birthday Party and Identity
  • Hopkins - Binsey Poplars
  • Cloud Atlas - OCR coursework on a modern novel
  • Poetry - the importance of sound
  • Contexts for studying Shakespeare
  • Sylvia Plath - biographical interpretations
  • Romanticism - an overview
  • Analysing a charity advert
  • Tragi-comedy of Angela Carter’s Wise Children emagazine 36
  • Coining new words
  • Beowulf - a timeless tale or a tale for our times?
  • Jane Austen’s women - Marriage and money
  • From classic realism to postmodernism – developments in the novel
  • As You Like It - an ecocritical reading
  • Wordsworth, William: The language of The Lyrical Ballads
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emagazine 35

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  • An overview of the metaphysical and spiritual poet Henry Vaughan
  • Interview with Nicholas Hytner
  • Alchemist – Satire
  • Who needs the bilious pigeon? Attitudes to language change
  • Jane Austen’s Emma and the closed world of Highbury
  • Drama - naturalism and expressionism
  • World War 1 literature - exploring a common motif
  • Accent and dialect - Northern English
  • Old English - textual investigations
  • Poetry in translation
  • Tender is the Night - themes and structure
  • The Miller’s Tale - estates satire
  • Thomas Hardy and his contexts
  • Investigating language - fashion
  • The Tempest - authority and leadership
  • Exploring High Windows Philip Larkin Close analysis linguistic
  • Jane Eyre and gothic fiction
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emagazine 34

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  • Close reading and contexts for Ozymandias
  • Shakespeare: Othello - falconry imagery
  • Analysing specialist language
  • Comedy of manners - from satire to sentiment
  • Grammatical concepts
  • Spies – Exploring a Key Relationship
  • Hardy’s ballads
  • Chivalric puzzles in The Franklin’s Tale
  • Arundhati Roy: novelist and campaigner - Fierce, polemical and controversial
  • Blake’s lamb - understanding its connotations
  • An overview of the metaphysical and spiritual poet Henry Vaughan
  • The Return of the Native
  • Hamlet and the players
  • Mobile phones and language
  • Yeats, WB: Periods and styles in Yeats’ poetry - an overview
  • Woman in White - crime fiction
  • Child Language Acquisition - Sentence Structure and Pragmatics (CLA)
  • Byronic hero in 19th-century fiction: Wuthering Heights and Frankenstein
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emagazine 33

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  • Great Expectations - the significance of coincidence
  • Investigating language - ten tips
  • The God of Small Things - structure and voices
  • Women in Jacobean drama - probing female secrets
  • Translations - interview with the director
  • Frogs and snails and puppy dogs’ tails - critiquing orthodox views of gender
  • The power of illness in Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion
  • All My Sons Arthur Miller
  • Grammar - learning from mistakes
  • White Teeth and postcolonial texts
  • History plays in the reign of Elizabeth I
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - Williams’ off-stage voice
  • Beowulf - Seamus Heaney’s translation
  • Re-reading Angela Carter’s Wise Children
  • Paradise Lost - interpreting illustrations
  • Comic catchphrases - analysed
  • Woolf, Virginia: Exploring To The Lighthouse process reading
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emagazine 32

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  • Playing the fool in much ado about nothing - an actor’s insights
  • Eavan Boland’s poems - The domestic and the mysterious
  • The fascinations of language
  • The absurd and experimental in post-1945 theatre
  • Victorian vampires - what came before Dracula
  • Endangered languages
  • Keats’ ode on melancholy
  • Antony and Cleopatra as big budget movie
  • Comparison – Snow Falling on Cedars and Shipping News
  • The Merchant’s Tale - Deception
  • Youth dialect
  • Marlowe’s Dr Faustus
  • Gatsby’s women
  • The tricky art of translation
  • Literary dialect
  • Tragedy and farce in The Changeling
  • The awakening - readings in context
  • Wilde - A Woman of No Importance
  • The rhythm of life - the iamb
  • Word classes explained - generalizing about words
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emagazine 31

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  • Persuasion - the power of books in Jane Austen’s novel
  • Publishing poetry
  • Platitudes and cliches in football language
  • Psychoanalysing Prospero - a sea change
  • Comparing texts from and about World War 1
  • Short story writing for A level coursework
  • Howards End – ‘Who will inherit England?’
  • Picture books - we’re going on a bear hunt
  • The poetry of Tony Harrison
  • Adapting literary texts
  • Tragic consummation in Othello
  • Alan Bennett’s ‘A lady of letters’
  • Poetic imagery from Blake and Dryden and into the 21st century
  • Computer translations
  • Master of the words at the Globe
  • Dialect study and the BBC Voices project
  • Coleridge ‘This lime tree bower my prison’ - close reading and context
  • Medical language
  • Atonement - questioning the imagination
  • Emily Bronte – Opposition and Fragmentation in Wuthering Heights
  • Robert Frost - a look at the darker side
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emagazine 30

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  • Language and occupation
  • Measure for Measure - Who are the fools?
  • Moral degeneracy in Measure for Measure
  • Talking about Selima Hill
  • Music, magazines and words - an interview with Mark Ellen
  • Language life of Michael Rosen
  • Jane Eyre - re-reading
  • Making words work
  • Investigating eponyms
  • The transformations of John Donne
  • Exploring Albee’s ‘Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?’
  • The language of comedy
  • No rules Chaucer - a fresh slant on the General Prologue
  • Reading difficult texts and exploring the nature of meaning
  • Language and thought
  • Franny and Zooey - a book I love
  • Female emancipation in Kate Chopin’s ‘A Pair of Silk Stockings’
  • Voices from the grave - life and death in Thomas Hardy’s poetry
  • The journalism of Hunter S. Thompson
  • Cold Mountain - exploring the language of prose
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emagazine 29

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  • Masquerade in Aphra Behn’s The Rover
  • Transition - Going to study English lit?
  • Cohesion in texts
  • A rough guide to Shakespeare
  • Osborne’s Look Back in Anger: context and history
  • Life as a literary journalist
  • The Gothic
  • Language and technology - what is there to say about a website?
  • Texts in context - a new language resource
  • Postcards - and grotesque realism in American fiction
  • Gatsby and Revolutionary Road
  • Advanced extension award in English
  • Inference and communication
  • Total textuality - Yeats’s ‘irish airman’
  • Clothing in Emily Dickinson’s verse imagery
  • A book I love - Wilderness Tips Atwood Short story 20th century
  • Comical tragedy or tragical comedy
  • Dylan’s ‘mister tambourine man’ in its visionary contexts
  • Arthur Miller - a life’s work 20th century drama
  • Louis de Bernières - Captain Corelli’s Mandolin Humour