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MediaMagazine 78

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  • Making the Most of MediaMag (MediaMag 78)
  • Bond Bounces Back (MediaMag 78)
  • The Guardian (MediaMag 78)
  • Some Like it Hot (MediaMag 78)
  • Is Bo Burnham OK? (MediaMag 78)
  • Will She ‘Ms.’ the Mark? (MediaMag 78)
  • Theory Drop: Bandura (MediaMag 78)
  • Does Attitude still have Attitude? (MediaMag 78)
  • Mother Knows Best: Framing the Unreliable Narrator in We Need to Talk About Kevin (MediaMag 78)
  • Tell Everyone (MediaMag 78)
  • Skater Girls (MediaMag 78)
  • Timecode (MediaMag 78)
  • Channel 4: Does it Need a Shake-up? (MediaMag 78)
  • Chinatown: Not a Place, It’s a Feeling (MediaMag 78)
  • The Careers Download (MediaMag 78)
  • Dask Films Production Tips #8: How to record voiceover (MediaMag 78)
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MediaMagazine 77

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  • Making the Most of MediaMag 77
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (MM77)
  • Wanda Vision – An Exploration of Narrative and Audience (MM77)
  • The Right Trousers (MM77)
  • Hip-hop (MediaMagazine 77)
  • The Theory Drop: Spectatorship (MM77)
  • The Rise of the Queer Period Film (MM77)
  • War on Woke (MM77)
  • A Brief Overview of ‘Realism’ in Films (MM77)
  • Where’s the Fun in Non-fungible Tokens? (MM77)
  • Alex Garland – A New Auteur (MM77)
  • Casting a Long Shadow – Shadow and Bone (MM77)
  • Crisis at the BBC (MM77)
  • All You Need is Time (MM77)
  • Careers Download Halima Olalemi (MM77)
  • Dask Production Tasks 6 – Moving Car (MM77)
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MediaMagazine 76

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  • Making the Most of MediaMag 76
  • New Statesman Covers (MediaMag 76)
  • The Crown (MediaMag 76)
  • Rocks (MediaMag 76)
  • Virtual (MediaMag 76)
  • Trump (MediaMag 76)
  • Liesbet van Zoonen (MediaMag 76)
  • BBC Sounds (MediaMag 76)
  • 21st Century Final Girl (MediaMag 76)
  • Frances Ha (MediaMag 76)
  • Citizen Kane Narrative Techniques (MediaMag 76)
  • Lost in Translation (MediaMag 76)
  • Alternative Music Bandcamp (MediaMag 76)
  • Careers Download: Bandcamp (MediaMag 76)
  • Dask Films Production Tips: How to Keep Crew Hanppy (MediaMag 76)
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MediaMagazine 75

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  • Making the Most of MediaMag 75
  • Documentary film, Disclosure, and trans representation over the last 100 years (MediaMag 75)
  • Race and representation in supermarket Christmas adverts (MediaMag 75)
  • Analysis of Christopher Nolan films, Tenet & Inception, from a spectator’s perspective (MediaMag 75)
  • Ariana Grande and cultural appropriation of hip-hop culture for 7 Rings video (MediaMag 75)
  • The Coen Brothers’ No Country for Old Men in the context of the Western genre (MediaMag 75)
  • The Theory Drop: Postcolonialism and Paul Gilroy (MediaMag 75)
  • Challenging & fascism in the comic book genre, with a focus on The Watchmen & The Boys (MediaMag 75)
  • Media Representations of Cancer (MediaMag 75)
  • Representations of age in magazines and the wider media, with a close focus on Vogue (MediaMag 75)
  • An analysis of symbolism in the Spanish horror film, The Platform (MediaMag 75)
  • Analysis of the representation of family in Wes Anderson’s films – focus on Moonrise Kingdom (MM 75)
  • Analysis of Netflix fantasy drama, The Witcher (MediaMag 75)
  • Kamala Harris, Representation and the USA’s first female VP (MediaMag 75)
  • Careers Download: Grace Goslin (MediaMag 75)
  • Dask Films Production Tips: How to Keep Actors Happy (MediaMag 75)
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MediaMagazine 74

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  • Making the Most of MediaMag 74
  • An analysis of the 2014 British film, Pride (MediaMag 74)
  • The economics of streaming the live musical, Hamilton, online (MediaMag 74)
  • An analysis of newspaper coverage of the Dominic Cummings scandal during 2020 Covid lockdown (MM74)
  • Without Further Apu: The Simpsons and the Power of Stereotypes (MediaMag 74)
  • Analysis of the 2013 Paweł Pawlikowski black and white film, Ida (MediaMag 74)
  • The Theory Drop: Gerbner’s Cultivation Theory (MediaMag 74)
  • Analysis of Vance Joy’s 2013 music video, Riptide (MediaMag 74)
  • Analysis of the Black, British, women’s magazine, Pride (MediaMag 74)
  • Sam Mendes’ war film, 1917, as a cinematic spectacle (MediaMag 74)
  • An exploration of Disney remakes, with a focus on Mulan (MediaMag 74)
  • Gaslighting in the horror film remake, The Invisible Man (MediaMag 74)
  • Analysis of remake of survival horror game, Resident Evil 3(MediaMag 74)
  • Blurred Reality: Deep Fiction in Narrative Podcasts (MediaMag 74)
  • The Careers Download: Visual Effects Artist (MediaMag 74)
  • Dask Films Production Tips: Covid Safety Protocols (MediaMag 74)
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MediaMagazine 73

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  • Making the Most of MediaMag 73 (September 2020)
  • Whiplash: Conflicts and Ideologies (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • An exploration of celebrity culture’s response to the first Covid lockdown (MM 73, September 2020)
  • Cinema and Covid-19: Closing the Film Release Window (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Deutschland 83: a Postmodern Reimagining of the Past (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Hearing Voices – Podcasts (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • The Theory Drop: Jenkins and Fandom (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • An investigation of The Voice Online (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • A historical overview of the vampire film genre (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • The audience experience of 2015 film, Captain Fantastic (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • The Law. Without the Order: Gender in Brooklyn Nine-Nine (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Enabling Images: Representing Disability on Pre-school TV (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Controversial Classifications: The BBFC in the 21st Century (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Video games and the horror genre (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • The Careers Download (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • The language of communication in film production work (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
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MediaMagazine 72

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  • Making the Most of MM72
  • A close-reading of Men’s Health magazine from a female reader’s perspective
  • A study of film adaptations of Dickens’ David Copperfield
  • An analysis of the moral panic surrounding director Andrew Onwubolu’s (aka Rapman) film, Blue Story
  • An analysis of French TV drama, Les Revenants, with a focus on its use of genre
  • Analysis of Netflix hit TV teen drama, Sex Education
  • The Theory Drop: Curran and Seaton
  • The Ballad of Baby Yoda
  • Challenging lazy stereotypes with an in-depth look at Welsh identity in mainstream TV productions an
  • A close reading of Under the Skin a film that requires the audience to actively decode meanings
  • Debating the casting of straight actors in LGBT+ roles in mainstream film and television
  • Exploring the work of radical British director, Peter Watkins, with a close focus on Culloden and Th
  • Analysing what the relationship between Hollywood & the Chinese film market means for the future o
  • How YouTube can be used to demonstrate media theories, with focus on Emma Chamberlain
  • The Careers Download (HR)
  • Dask Films Production Tips: Four Essential Pieces of Kit
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MediaMagazine 71

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  • Making the Most of MediaMag 71
  • The 2020 MediaMag Production Competition
  • Student Conference 2019
  • Personal Reflection on Reading the Tabloid, the Daily Mirror
  • An Exploration of the Concept of the Unreliable Narrator in Joker
  • Is Video Gaming a Sport? Comparing esports with Traditional Sports
  • Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Exploring How Viewers ‘Feel’ a Film
  • Theory Drop: David Gauntlett
  • Homelessness Charity, Shelter:  Analysis of Two Marketing Campaigns
  • How Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Dream’ and Radiohead’s ‘Burn the Witch’ Draw on Puppets from Classic Kids’ TV
  • The Power of Nature: Setting the Scene in Silent Film Classic, The Wind
  • The Farmer Wants a Wife – Setting in the Soap Opera
  • Exploring Michael Moore’s Documentary Style, with a Close Focus on Fahrenheit 11/9
  • Fish Tank – Power and Patriarchy
  • Careers Download (MM71) – Film Editor
  • Dask Films Production Tips: Film Crew Roles