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MediaMagazine 66

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  • Making the Most of MediaMag 66
  • Creating the History of British Music Video
  • Grindelwald – Can We Separate the Art from the Artist?
  • Seeing Hitchcock in Vertigo
  • Random Fandom
  • The Theory Drop – Postmodernism
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Junk Mail?
  • Treasure Taken for Granted
  • Get Your Head in the Game
  • Twitter Wars – 280 Characters That Can Change the World
  • From Code to Craft – Why Video Games Present an Intriguing Future For Artistic Storytelling
  • Pick Daisies
  • Spectre and the Ghost of James Bond Past
  • Careers Download – Composer
  • Film Notes – High Maintenance
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MediaMagazine 65

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  • Making the Most of MM65
  • Media Studies: Why the Bad Press?
  • The Theory Drop: Hegemony
  • This is America: Music, Politics and Protest
  • Wakanda Forever!
  • Tainted Love: Touring the music of Sightseers
  • Oh Comely All Ye Faithful
  • Are You Telling the Truth?
  • Taxi for Panahi
  • Tide to the Kitchen Sink
  • Aveline: Merchant, Slave, Assassin
  • Grace and Frankie – Representation of Sexuality and Identity
  • (S)ex Machina
  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy
  • Cyberattack: more than a paranoid fantasy, it’s the new normal
  • The Careers Download
  • Film Notes: Elephant
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MediaMagazine 64

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  • MediaMagazine 64 – Making the Most of
  • 16 Years of MediaMagazine – a History in 64 Issues
  • Doing the Right Thing
  • Studying Sunrise
  • I, Daniel Blake – A Case Study in Disruptive Marketing
  • Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Critical Hit
  • It’s Personal – The Presentation of Masculinity in John Wick
  • G.L.O.W.
  • Making the Gender Jump to Hyperspace – Millennial Gender Roles in The Last Jedi
  • Star Wars and the 180 Rule
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild and Magic Realism
  • #Oscars So Straight
  • Continuity – The Invisible Art of Editing
  • Making the Strange Familiar
  • MEST3 Section A Advice
  • Goom on Judith Butler
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MediaMagazine 63

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  • MediaMagazine 63 – Making the Most of
  • Reasons to Believe
  • We Need to Talk about Kevin
  • The Changing Face of Masculinity – 1960s vs Modern Day Advertising
  • All That Heaven
  • The Rise of K-Pop
  • Choose Trainspotting
  • The Real/Lady Gaga
  • It’s a Skam
  • Out of the Past – The Bridge and the Dark Heart of Nordic Noir
  • Netflix and the Cultural Industries
  • David Hesmondalgh – The Cultural Industries
  • MediaMagazine Student Conference 2017
  • Watch the Skies!
  • The Fragility of Power – Representation in House of Cards
  • Save the Date
  • The Eighth Generation
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MediaMagazine 62

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  • MediaMagazine 62 – Making the Most of
  • The Radio 1 Breakfast Show
  • Magic Bullet – Interview with Neill Sullivan, CEO of Silver Bullet
  • Hollywood Films in the Studio Era – Understanding the context of Johnny Guitar
  • The Tales and Tastes of Tarantino
  • Billie-Jean – Birth of an Icon
  • Ready Player One?
  • Late Night Woman’s Hour – Listening Out for the Audience
  • Curran and Seaton – Is Rupert Murdoch ‘fit and proper’ to run Sky Television?
  • David Gauntlett and Theories of Identity
  • Press X to Skip
  • Love Island – The Ultimate Event TV
  • Dunkirk, the Tick and the Shepherd Tone
  • A Woman’s Place is in the Resistance
  • The Oscars 2017 – What Really Happened?
  • From Curators to Critics – Gatekeeping in the Digital Age
  • Doing It Their Own Way – The Auteur
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MediaMagazine 61

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  • MediaMagazine 61 – Making the Most of
  • Fact or Fake?
  • BuzzFeedification – How Online News Sources Have Changed the Traditional Newspaper Industry
  • Power Without Responsibility – Selling Your Soul to Social Media
  • Making Documentary – Two Perspectives
  • Getting Into Gaming – Rosie Ball’s Story
  • Only 32% of Our Politicians Are Women – Are the Media to Blame?
  • Fleabag and the Female Gaze – Another Look at Gender
  • Goom on Bel Hooks
  • Disney’s Women – and How They Changed My Life
  • Queerbaiting – A Television Phenomenon?
  • Lights, Camera, Push – Representations of Childbirth on TV
  • Picturing Panem
  • The Banality of Evil
  • The Dizzying Appeal of Hitchcock’s Vertigo
  • A Young Filmmaker’s Guide to University
  • Cowboys and Androids – How Westworld Corralled Its Audience
  • Blah Blah Bland – La La Land and Cinema as a Rear-view Mirror
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MediaMagazine 60

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  • An Afternoon With Tony Garnett
  • Controlling the Masses
  • The Transgender Revolution
  • Is Punk Possible in 2017?
  • The Vinyl Revitalisation
  • Kerrang – Can It Cut It?
  • Henry Jenkins on Fandom
  • Girl Power and the History of Female Eagle Hunters
  • Documenting Amy
  • Sympathy for the Devil – Representation of the Reich in The Man in the High Castle
  • Argo – A Film For Our Times
  • Men in Makeup
  • Marvel’s Distribution Revolution
  • Spying, Surveillance and Snooping in Films
  • Big Brother – The Ultimate Media Case Study
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MediaMagazine 59

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  • What is the Truth in a Post-fact World?
  • NW and the Image System at Work in the World
  • Operation Jule – Researching the Past
  • Bun Fight – How the BBC Lost the Bake Off to C4 and Why It Matters
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  • Pokémon Go
  • 10 Game Changing Shorts That Every Student Should See
  • You’re Fired – A Marxist Critique of The Apprentice
  • Leicester – My City in the Spotlight
  • John Williams – The Man Who Orchestrated Our Cinematic Lives
  • Dark Cave of the Silver Screen
  • Eye in the Sky – Drones, Strikes and the Representation of Conflict
  • Why I Love The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Doll Domination – Barbie: Risk of Role Model