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MediaMagazine 73

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  • Making the Most of MediaMag 73 (September 2020)
  • Whiplash: Conflicts and Ideologies (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Celebrity Lockdown (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Cinema and Covid-19: Closing the Film Release Window (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Deutschland 83: a Postmodern Reimagining of the Past (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Hearing Voices – Podcasts (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • The Theory Drop: Jenkins and Fandom (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • It Does Matter if You’re Black or White (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Fang Fiction (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Making a Spectacle: Captain Fantastic (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • The Law. Without the Order: Gender in Brooklyn Nine-Nine (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Enabling Images: Representing Disability on Pre-school TV (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Controversial Classifications: The BBFC in the 21st Century (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Programming The Paranormal (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • The Careers Download (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
  • Dask Films Production Tips: 7 Things to Say With Every Shot (MediaMagazine 73, September 2020)
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MediaMagazine 72

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  • Making the Most of MM72
  • A close-reading of Men’s Health magazine from a female reader’s perspective
  • A study of film adaptations of Dickens’ David Copperfield
  • An analysis of the moral panic surrounding director Andrew Onwubolu’s (aka Rapman) film, Blue Story
  • An analysis of French TV drama, Les Revenants, with a focus on its use of genre
  • Analysis of Netflix hit TV teen drama, Sex Education
  • The Theory Drop: Curran and Seaton
  • The Ballad of Baby Yoda
  • Challenging lazy stereotypes with an in-depth look at Welsh identity in mainstream TV productions an
  • A close reading of Under the Skin a film that requires the audience to actively decode meanings
  • Debating the casting of straight actors in LGBT+ roles in mainstream film and television
  • Exploring the work of radical British director, Peter Watkins, with a close focus on Culloden and Th
  • Analysing what the relationship between Hollywood & the Chinese film market means for the future o
  • How YouTube can be used to demonstrate media theories, with focus on Emma Chamberlain
  • The Careers Download (HR)
  • Dask Films Production Tips: Four Essential Pieces of Kit
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MediaMagazine 71

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  • Making the Most of MediaMag 71
  • The 2020 MediaMag Production Competition
  • Student Conference 2019
  • Personal Reflection on Reading the Tabloid, the Daily Mirror
  • An Exploration of the Concept of the Unreliable Narrator in Joker
  • Is Video Gaming a Sport? Comparing esports with Traditional Sports
  • Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Exploring How Viewers ‘Feel’ a Film
  • Theory Drop: David Gauntlett
  • Homelessness Charity, Shelter:  Analysis of Two Marketing Campaigns
  • How Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Dream’ and Radiohead’s ‘Burn the Witch’ Draw on Puppets from Classic Kids’ TV
  • The Power of Nature: Setting the Scene in Silent Film Classic, The Wind
  • The Farmer Wants a Wife – Setting in the Soap Opera
  • Exploring Michael Moore’s Documentary Style, with a Close Focus on Fahrenheit 11/9
  • Fish Tank – Power and Patriarchy
  • Careers Download (MM71) – Film Editor
  • Dask Films Production Tips: Film Crew Roles
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MediaMagazine 70

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  • Making the Most of MediaMagazine (MM70)
  • Teen Vogue: switch from print to online
  • Radio breakfast show presenters
  • Selling The Big Issue
  • The Big Issue: Industry Focus
  • Truth and documentary film making: 20000 Days on Earth (Eduqas)
  • Narratology: Todorov, Propp and Freytag
  • Monetisation of Multiplayer Games
  • Is Beyonce’s Formation a Feminist Text?
  • Vogue, July 1965, Eduqas
  • Black Panther and Film Marketing – A Blockbuster Marketed as a Cultural Event
  • Genre, Hybridity and Outsiders in Jane Campion’s The Piano
  • Marketing of Thom Yorke album, Anima
  • Marketing campaign: Gillette
  • LGBTQ representation in children’s animation: She-Ra
  • Careers Download (MM70) – Branded Content Editor
  • Film Notes – Curfew (MM70)
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MediaMagazine 69

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  • Representations of the Feminine in The Babadook and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
  • Exploring the Media Panic Behind Orson Welles’ Radio Adaptation of The War of the Worlds
  • Bohemian Rhapsody: Truth and Narrative Structure
  • The Future is Digital: Changes in Online News
  • March 29th 2019: The Day Brexit Didn’t Happen
  • An Explanation of Judith Butler’s Theory of Gender Performativity
  • Sight Unseen: Black Women in Music Video
  • Only Human But All Woman – The Representation of Gender in Captain Marvel
  • Representations of Greta
  • Representations of Slavery in 12 Years a Slave and Django Unchained
  • Audience Engagement in the Digital Age, Focusing on Desimag and Attitude
  • Us: Jordan Peele and the Future of Storytelling
  • Buster Keaton: Master of Silent Comedy
  • Sekiro: Difficulty and Accessibility in Video Games
  • Careers Download - Annie Lieszkiewicz (Culture Editor)
  • Film Notes: The Gunfighter
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MediaMagazine 68

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  • Student Conference 2019 – Report
  • Sorry to Bother You & Code-switching
  • The i, the Little Paper that Could
  • Cinematic Language and Representation in City of God
  • The Ideology of Beauty
  • The Theory Drop: Semiotics
  • It’s the Freakiest Show: Postmodernity and Life on Mars
  • The Rise of the Narrative Adventure Genre and the Fall of Telltale Games
  • A critique of Nike’s use of American football star and #BlackLivesMatter activist Colin Kaepernick i
  • Bandersnatch: Choosing Your Own Adventure in an Online World
  • Examination of manipulation of documentary filmmaking conventions in relation to Search for Sugarman
  • Cuarón – Realism and the Long Take
  • A look at the films of Taika Waititi, with a focus on performative and dysfunctional masculinity
  • Advice about breaking into the media as a member of a minority group, with a focus on podcasting
  • Film Notes Swimmer
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MediaMagazine 67

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  • Making the Most of MediaMag 67
  • Clear the Schedules?Scheduling and event television in the digital age (Bodyguard, Killing Eve)
  • Comparison of ideology Shane Meadow’s This is England and Kore-eda Hirokazu’s Our Little Sister.
  • Close analysis of Sebastian Schipper’s single-take masterpiece, Victoria.
  • Missing Links
  • Nick Lacey on hybridity and genre repertoires in the detective/super hero series, Jessica Jones.
  • Marxist analysis of Duncan Jones’ Moon
  • Callum Williams asks: Should the games industry be brave enough to embrace social commentary?
  • Gary Rose explains how Deadpool could be the perfect case study for cross-platform marketing
  • An analysis of sound in John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place by Giles Gough
  • The Riz Test
  • Analysis of Hollywood studio film, Casablanca
  • Ripe for Review: How Rotten Tomatoes is Dominating Film Criticism
  • A Design for Life
  • The career of a set decoration assistant
  • Film Notes: Wasp (Arnold, 2003)
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MediaMagazine 66

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  • Making the Most of MediaMag 66
  • Creating the History of British Music Video
  • The ethics of casting male film stars who have abused women, focusing on Johnny Depp
  • Close study of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo
  • Fandom, participatory media and toxicity
  • The Theory Drop – Postmodernism
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • A critical look at the Daily Mail, a mid-range tabloid
  • WaterAid’s No Choice campaign: representations of Africa and of gender
  • Minecraft: the growth of a cross-platform game
  • Twitter: the importance of this verbal social media platform
  • From Code to Craft – Why Video Games Present an Intriguing Future For Artistic Storytelling
  • Analysis of Czech new wave classic Daisies
  • Weaponised intertextuality in the James Bond film, Spectre
  • A career in composing for the media
  • Film Notes – High Maintenance