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MediaMagazine 53

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  • The Art of Protest: Pussy Riot
  • The Press and the Prime Minister: Was It the Spin-doctors Wot Won It?
  • Election 2015 and the Media: the Televised Debates
  • The Beeb, the Mail and JKR: the Politics of The Casual Vacancy
  • Kristen, Kristen on the Wall, Who Is the Fairest of Them All?
  • Downton Abbey and Collective Identity: Brand Britain?
  • EastEnders at 30 – Technology and the Soap Opera
  • Catfished!
  • Is Lesbianism the New Black? Representing Sexual Identity in TV Drama
  • Serial(ising): The Podcast Renaissance
  • Spot(ify) the Difference: Swift, Bragg and the Maths of Making Money in the Music Industry
  • The Rise of Let’s Plays: a New Genre and Its Fans
  • Out of Africa: What is Kenyan Cinema?
  • An Interview with Jon Snow: Shining a Light on Dark Corners
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MediaMagazine 52

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  • When Harry Met Owen: A MediaMag Interview With Owen Jones
  • Two Key Concepts: The Relationship Between Audience and Institution
  • Somebody’s Watching You… Social Media And Surveillance
  • Rebranded: The (R)Evolution Of Russell Brand
  • From The Margins To The Mainstream? Disability, Identity And The Media
  • There’s Only One England – Isn’t There?
  • The Missing – Memory, Absence And Loss: The Meaning Of The Title Sequence
  • The World Of Mockingjay: Ideology, Dystopia And Propaganda
  • The Encoding/Decoding Model – Cartoon
  • Nightcrawler: A Satire On News Values
  • The Last of Us – Or The First Of A New Generation Of Games? Or the First of a New Generation?
  • They Live: Understanding Ideology

  • 3D Printers: A Case Study In New And Digital Media
  • High Rise And The Cinematic Worlds Of J.G. Ballard
  • Getting Into Character – Cosplay In Some Modern Fandoms
  • Watch Your Language: The Extremely Rude History Of Swearing On TV
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MediaMagazine 51

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  • The Media Concepts – Representations Old and New
  • Your Country Needs You – The Scottish Referendum (2014)
  • The Decline of the Film Star
  • Viral Campaigns and Charities
  • Re-imagining Fargo and Hannibal
  • Copyright Regulation (Remix)
  • Virtual Reality
  • An Interview with Grace Chatto, Clean Bandit
  • Covering Gender
  • Youth, Gender and the City in Bande de Filles
  • Wadjda and Female Empowerment
  • Deconstructing Taylor
  • Representations of Sexuality in Science Fiction
  • Testament of Youth 2014 – From Memoir to Movie
  • Westgate – One Year On
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MediaMagazine 50

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  • ‘Sci-fi’, SF and Science Fiction: What’s the Difference?
  • The Media Concepts: Media Language
  • Doing Micro-analysis: Cinematography, Sound and Editing in Apocalypse Now
  • Lionsgate: Can Katniss Everdeen Save it?
  • Representing Place: Versions of the City in The Wire and Treme
  • Silence in Court: Judge Judy is in session…
  • Turning The Unbeatables into a Great Draw: An Interview with Juan Jose Campanella
  • The Beautiful Games: from Rio to Glasgow
  • Girls on Film: Lukas Moodysson’s We are the Best
  • Crowd-funding for Students
  • Writing Dust: Becoming a Screenwriter
  • The Female Gaze: Rethinking Representation
  • Night Mail: The Creative Treatment of Actuality
  • Continuum, Sci-Fi Fans and the Power of the Tweet. Or ‘How I Took on the SyFy Channel and Lost’
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MediaMagazine 49

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  • Researching Your A2 Project the MediaMag Way
  • The End of the World as You Know It?
  • Classifying Film: an Interview with the BBFC
  • In the Flesh: Recasting the Zombie Genre
  • An Introduction to Media Concepts: the Tools to Success
  • Generation War: a Different Perspective on World War Two
  • Love Your Viewfinder: Framing Your Story
  • Yes we Cannes! My First Year at the World’s Greatest Film Festival
  • Identities and the Media How do the contemporary media represent the identities of different groups
  • Public Service and Public Duty: National Identity and Bond 23.0
  • Wolf of Wall Street: a Case Study in Censorship and Controversy
  • Nordic Noir: Back to the Originals?
  • Behind the Showbiz Desk: an Internship at Reuters
  • Painting Television: Editing Factual TV
  • What Can Western Audiences Learn from Tokyo Story?
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MediaMagazine 48

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  • It starts with what you know: preparing for production
  • Analysis for production: how to analyse a music magazine for your AS coursework
  • The ultimate how-to guide to making trailers
  • Indie producers, indie marketing - how cult video games sell big
  • A shepherd in search of sheep: what a film producer really does…
  • Art vs commerce: the independent’s battle
  • Vertov: the man with a movie camera
  • Making Hitler? Producing Triumph of the Will
  • Clockwork Watch: experiments in transmedia production
  • Hacking: the story so far Previously in hacking news ...
  • On the set of Far From the Madding Crowd
  • Adventures in film: my first short
  • ThisisDA - ‘Gridlock’ music video
  • A degree in film? So what course will you choose?
  • Where reality meets make-believe: a fan’s story
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MediaMagazine 47

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  • Selling Youth
  • So, er, What Exactly Makes a Good Case Study?
  • Educating Yorkshire: The Reality and Representation of the Modern Documentary Format
  • Distributing A Field in England
  • The Spirit of 13
  • A Case Study in Controversy: Onscreen Politics
  • Google Glass: a Case Study in Globalisation
  • A New Media Case Study:
  • Beyond the French New Wave: Brazil, Czechoslovakia and Hungary
  • Attack the Block: B-Movie or Blockbuster?
  • Poetry No More: What’s Gone Wrong with Science Fiction? Elysium and the Decline of a Genre
  • Trails and teasers: Marketing GTAV
  • Mario Kart Wii: a Case Study
  • Popular Film and Emotional Response: a Case Study on The Reader
  • Representations of War in TV News: a Representational Case Study
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MediaMagazine 46

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  • Repertoires of Darkness: Exploring ‘Genre’ and the Gothic
  • The Modern Gothic
  • From Cathedral to Cinema: the Influence of Gothic Art in Film
  • Rise of the Undead - the Zombie Renaissance
  • Into the Mind of a Madman? Caligari and the Gothic
  • The Pleasure of the Forbidden: The Role of the Gothic for Heavy Metal Audiences
  • East meets West: Cultural Appropriation and Japanese Gothic Cinema
  • The Darkening World: The Gothicisation of Harry Potter
  • Hammer: not just the House of Horror
  • ‘It’s Alive!’ Hammer’s Resurrection of a Horror Icon
  • Visionary Vampires: Sinking your Teeth into the Gothic Films of Neil Jordan
  • The New Gothic: Found Footage vs. Torture Porn
  • A Little in Love with Death: Representation and Intertextuality in Ripper Street
  • Restraint and Resurrection: ‘Kiwi Gothic’ in Top of the Lake