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MediaMagazine 48

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  • It starts with what you know: preparing for production
  • The ultimate how-to guide to making trailers
  • Indie producers, indie marketing - how cult video games sell big
  • A shepherd in search of sheep: what a film producer really does…
  • Art vs commerce: the independent’s battle
  • Vertov: the man with a movie camera
  • Making Hitler? Producing Triumph of the Will
  • Clockwork Watch: experiments in transmedia production
  • Hacking: the story so far Previously in hacking news ...
  • On the set of Far From the Madding Crowd
  • Adventures in film: my first short
  • A degree in film? So what course will you choose?
  • Where reality meets make-believe: a fan’s story
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MediaMagazine 47

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  • Selling Youth
  • Educating Yorkshire: The Reality and Representation of the Modern Documentary Format
  • Distributing A Field in England
  • The Spirit of 13
  • A Case Study in Controversy: Onscreen Politics
  • Google Glass: a Case Study in Globalisation
  • A New Media Case Study:
  • Beyond the French New Wave: Brazil, Czechoslovakia and Hungary
  • Attack the Block: B-Movie or Blockbuster?
  • Poetry No More: What’s Gone Wrong with Science Fiction? Elysium and the Decline of a Genre
  • Trails and teasers: Marketing GTAV
  • Mario Kart Wii: a Case Study
  • Popular Film and Emotional Response: a Case Study on The Reader
  • Representations of War in TV News: a Representational Case Study
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MediaMagazine 46

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  • Repertoires of Darkness: Exploring ‘Genre’ and the Gothic
  • Rise of the Undead - the Zombie Renaissance
  • Into the Mind of a Madman? Caligari and the Gothic
  • The Pleasure of the Forbidden: The Role of the Gothic for Heavy Metal Audiences
  • East meets West: Cultural Appropriation and Japanese Gothic Cinema
  • The Darkening World: The Gothicisation of Harry Potter
  • Hammer: not just the House of Horror
  • ‘It’s Alive!’ Hammer’s Resurrection of a Horror Icon
  • Visionary Vampires: Sinking your Teeth into the Gothic Films of Neil Jordan
  • The New Gothic: Found Footage vs. Torture Porn
  • A Little in Love with Death: Representation and Intertextuality in Ripper Street
  • Restraint and Resurrection: ‘Kiwi Gothic’ in Top of the Lake
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MediaMagazine 45

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  • Becoming a Media Detective
  • Reading Film through Writing with Film
  • Reading Between the Lines: Politics, Propaganda and the Press
  • Big Screen, Little Screen: Reading Films Online
  • Beyond Hollywood: Reading Arthouse Cinema
  • It’s no Laughing Matter: Reading the Sitcom
  • A Screenwriter’s Guide to Reading (and Writing) the Media
  • Reading Broadchurch
  • Gangnam Style: Reading a Music Video Phenomenon
  • Reading Rap: How do People Interpret Music?
  • Reading Film Production
  • USA: Experiments in Fiction with Media
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MediaMagazine 44

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  • An Interview with David Aaronovitch: In Defence of Media Studies
  • New Ideas for Media Studies Needed (Again!): In Search of Media 2.1
  • Is Hollywood Out of Ideas?
  • Existential Film: Ideas, Freedoms and Apocalypse Now
  • What’s the Big Idea, Mr Bond?
  • Homeland and 24: Ideas about the War on Terror
  • Dark Knight, Dark Ideas: The Ideology of Nolan’s Batman Trilogy
  • New Ideas about the Dead: Revitalising the Zombie Console Game
  • Marketing Middle Earth: Getting to Grips with Baudrillard
  • Influence and Ideas in the Cinema of Paul Thomas Anderson
  • Ideas about Storytelling: the Narrative Structure of Computer Games
  • The Gender Politics of Survival: The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games
  • You Will Remember This: Ideas for Learning
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MediaMagazine 43

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  • Independent Thinking in Media Examinations
  • Independent Hollywood?
  • Hitchcock’s Vertigo: A Narrative of Independence?
  • Alexander Payne’s State of Independence
  • Dreams of Herzog
  • Independent Girl: A Case Study of Juno
  • Sapphires and Satellite Boy: Independent Indigenous Australian Film
  • Secrets, Hidden Identities and the Village Movie
  • Pop-Up Cinema: Independent Distribution
  • Limbo: How Independent Developers can take on the Games Industry
  • Amanda Palmer, Independent Artist
  • Homing into Holmes: the Independence of Fan Culture
  • Independent Radio, Independent Music
  • The Rise and Rise of the Independent Journalist
  • A Career in the Media - It Happens!
  • Weta: Turning Imagination into Reality
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MediaMagazine 42

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  • Got Issues with That?
  • Kony 2012 - Power, Politics and the #Generation
  • Black Mirror - The Reflection in the Screen
  • We’re All in this Together - Structured Reality TV and Social Class
  • Public Service Advertising - Ghost Chips and Memes
  • Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves? An Exploration of the Media’s Ongoing Fascination with Gypsies
  • Killer Ideas, Hat-tricks, and Making Watchtower
  • Best of British
  • Odd Future, Stranger Past - Issues of Representation in Contemporary Hip-Hop
  • Is it Cos I is British?! Issues Around Black Britishness
  • (Not so) Pretty in Pink
  • Does Pink Matter?
  • Representing the ‘Other’ - The Virtual Middle East in Computer Games
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MediaMagazine 41

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  • Self-image and the media - selling us our selves
  • Icons in the hood - how working-class youths became chavs
  • Have a strange day - the iconography of Emily
  • How to be gorgeous - George Clooney as an icon of 21st-century Hollywood
  • James Bond - the special world of an extraordinary icon
  • No second acts? The making of a very (post)modern icon
  • The Battle of Algiers - an iconic drama-documentary
  • What lies beneath? Lund and Salander - the feminist icons of Nordic noir
  • You think you know the story ... icons of horror in The Cabin in the Woods
  • God Save the Queen - the iconography of the Sex Pistols 35 years on
  • The Apple and the icon