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MediaMagazine 40

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  • Child’s Play?
  • Dangerous Games: Play, Pleasure and Panics
  • Playing at Parenting: Exec-producing The World’s Strictest Parents - An Interview with Eve Kay
  • Playing Games with Audiences Sky Atlantic
  • The Greatest Escape: Why Audiences Really Play Video Games
  • War of the Worlds: the Convergence of Films and Games
  • Rockstar Games: Retrofitting the Future of Gaming
  • Dead Space: A Console Game Study
  • Anyone Can Play Guitar
  • Playtime: When Children’s Programming gets Serious
  • You’ve Come a Long Way Baby ... CBeebies
  • Just like on TV: Community, the Ultimate Postmodern Sitcom
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MediaMagazine 39

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  • Six Questions about Media and Participation
  • The media and democracy
  • Educating Essex and the Rebirth of ‘Fly-on-the-Wall’
  • Exhibition, Participation and Intervention
  • How I make things - Garth Jennings and Phones 4u
  • From props to products
  • Crimewatch - We Need Your Help
  • The graveyard shift
  • The real world
  • Open cinema - film without borders
  • Citizens’ eye
  • Web 2.0 - Participation or Hegemony?
  • Creation through Participation - Life in a Day
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MediaMagazine 38

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  • There’s a riot going on
  • Hacked to Death: How Humble Pie Arrived on Murdoch’s Menu
  • Attacking America: a Decade of Documentary Dissent
  • The Soldiers’ Story: the Power of Digital Documentary
  • Girl Power: the Politics of the Slasher Movie
  • Power, Politics and The Kennedys
  • A Serious Business: the Politics of Two American Sitcoms
  • Heroes: Saving the World - or Ruining it?
  • Bang Bang: Photography, Politics and the Power of Old and New Media
  • Sex, Lies and Espionage: the Role of the Media in the Profumo Affair
  • Radical Hollywood
  • Media, Politics and Power in Cuba: a Case Study
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MediaMagazine 37

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  • The Ps in Production: Product and Productivity
  • In Defence of Media 2.0 or How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Being a Geek
  • Movie Budgets: Where Does All the Money Go?
  • Cash-Strapped Creatives
  • Producing Private Ryan: the Story of an Epic-Opening Sequence
  • Family Guy: an Institutional Case Study
  • Getting into trouble with Bonnie and Clyde
  • Freaks: the History of Cinema’s Greatest Sideshow
  • Crime Doesn’t Pay - or Does it? Kubrick’s The Killing and Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven
  • Dealing with MEST 2
  • Martin Pope: a Producer’s Life
  • Wedding-watching: the Production of a Royal Spectacle
  • Horror and Heroics: the Cinema of September 11th
  • Moving on Up: Studying Production in Higher Education
  • How to Make a Good Online Portfolio
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MediaMagazine 36

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  • Comments Please
  • A Match Made in Heaven Onscreen representations of Sherlock Holmes
  • Partners in Crime: Collaboration in Television Crime Drama
  • Music and Politics
  • Celebrity Endorsement: a Collaboration Made in Heaven
  • Food, Fame, Chefs and Celebrity: Genre and Collaboration
  • Collaboration or Exploitation
  • The Curious Collaboration of David Fincher and Brad Pitt
  • Quid Pro Quo: Visiting Doctor Lecter
  • Indy versus Indie: Contrasting Collaborations between Audience, Industry and Text
  • Prince in Print: the Collaboration Between Biographer and Musician
  • Marty, Bob and Leo: the Changing Nature of Masculinity
  • Cross-platform Storytelling
  • Lady Gaga: Mistress of Convergence
  • Regulating the Press-pack: Right to Reply
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MediaMagazine 35

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  • Strictly cultural
  • A Very British Doctor
  • Ghetto Culture
  • From ‘The Unforgettable Fire’ to Arcade Fire: 25 Years Of Change In The Music Business 1985-2010
  • New Wave Culture Changing identities and the language of style
  • Looking Back at 50 years of Breathless
  • Culture and the Burka aka Why I hate Sex and the City 2
  • Culture or Culchure? Who decides what’s best?
  • Royal with cheese Quentin Tarantino and the blood-letting of culture
  • Hipsterism for dummies Milestone Movies in Youth Culture
  • Horror Monsters
  • Frozen Licence Fees and the Culture of the BBC
  • Where everyman knows your name - 21st Century culture of Independent Cinemas
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MediaMagazine 34

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  • Do We Have to Live Like This? The Concept of Change in Media Studies
  • Agent of Change: The Documentaries of Michael Moore
  • Barbarity and the Beast: The BBFC in Modern Britain
  • Change Ain’t What it Used to be - Mysteries of the Reboot!
  • Evolving Technologies: Changes in Audiences and Consumption
  • Changes in the Music Industry: From Labels to Laptops
  • From ‘The Unforgettable Fire’ to Arcade Fire: 25 Years Of Change In The Music Business 1985-2010
  • Have Your Say: How is Internet Comment(ing) Changing the News Media?
  • It’s TV, But Not as We Know it: The Rise and Rise of American Quality Television
  • The Monarchy, Television and British Identity: A Reign of Change
  • Primal Fear: The Cinematic Scare in Transition
  • Fac(ebook)ing the Changes
  • Celebrity Tweets: Twitter and the Changing Face of Stardom
  • Context and the City: Changing Representations of New York
  • The Magazine Industry in the Digital Age
  • Glee: a Postmodern Approach
  • The Skillset Solution
  • Media Investigation and Production: Getting Started with WJEC A2 Coursework
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MediaMagazine 33

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  • Getting the most out of the small-scale Film Studies research project
  • Surrealist cinema: consciousness and creativity in film
  • Technology & creativity: curse or cure?
  • Creative film-making for the creatively challenged
  • Stop-motion - start creating!
  • Hitchcock - auteur and creator
  • Jacques the lad - Jacques Audiard
  • Meet the creatives: an interview with Lee Cleary
  • Meet the creatives: an interview with Ben Palmer
  • Capture the objective: postmodernism, creativity and Call of Duty
  • Come Dine With Me
  • Creativity and genre in TV crime drama
  • Glee
  • Eternal sunshine of the creative mind - director Charlie Kaufman
  • Backwards and flash-forwards
  • Can analysis be creative?