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00-Leap into Media: inspirational activities for Y11 and Y12 [EMC_Free]

pages (print) 85 pages (pdf)


An ideal home learning resource – for Year 11s making the leap to A Level study and for Year 12s looking to move their Media Studies learning on.

Written for students working independently, with opportunities for sharing via virtual learning platforms where possible. The activities draw on a range of articles from MediaMagazine. They aim to:

  • Introduce students to key ways of thinking about media texts
  • Widen understanding of what media study involves
  • Encourage students to experiment and take risks
  • Demonstrate the value and importance of theory to studying media texts
  • Make links between production activities and responding to texts
  • Develop students’ confidence in approaching media texts.


Look forward to looking at this thank you!

By Caroline Gardner on 28th Apr 2020

Many thanks in advance. Looking forward to reading it.

By Justine Bohitige on 29th Apr 2020

I’d love to try this free resource please. Thank you.

By Julie Edwards on 29th Apr 2020

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