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00-Making the Leap: From GCSE to A Level Literature Study [EMC_Free]

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Help your Year 11 students to make the leap into A Level English Literature with enthusiasm and confidence!

Written for students working independently from home (with opportunities built in for sharing via virtual learning platforms where possible), this collection of 24 activities is designed to:

  • Introduce students to new ways of thinking, reading, writing and talking about literature
  • Widen their understanding of what literary studies involves 
  • Encourage students to experiment and take risks with their reading and writing
  • Make links between creative and critical approaches to analysis
  • Develop students' confidence in expressing their ideas in reading and writing
  • Promote enjoyment.

Downloading Your Resources

This publication is made up of two separate resources:

  1. Making the Leap
  2. A resource pack of emagazine articles.
  • As soon as you have completed your order (and seen the successful order screen) both will be in your account. (My Account is top right when you are signed in to your account.)
  • Make sure you click on both pink links to download both 'Making the Leap' and the pack of emagazine articles.


By Davina Canham on 07th Apr 2020

Thank you for this publication. Very timely.

By Kathy Franklin on 14th Apr 2020

Looks like a hugely useful and timely resource.

By eileen green on 14th Apr 2020

Thanks for the resource and for thinking about the needs of our Year 11 students.

By Karen Broadbent on 14th Apr 2020

Thank you and your company for making this resource pack available free to our students during this challenging time. We really appreciate it.

By Snowy Mahomed on 14th Apr 2020

Thank you so much for supporting teachers and students through this challenging time by providing worthwhile and engaging resources.

By on 14th Apr 2020

Really appreciate this - it has given our Year 11 a really effective and useful transition activity and saved us a huge amount of time. Thank you

By Jo Collins on 15th Apr 2020

Thank you very much.

By Mary Brooke on 22nd Apr 2020

This sounds great

By Jaqueline Fenton on 22nd Apr 2020

Looks really helpful

By Katie Rutter on 22nd Apr 2020

Thankyou!! xxx

By Dawn Davis-Leigh on 23rd Apr 2020

Thank you.

By Magdalen Price on 26th Apr 2020

Thanks a lot

By Sally Andwati on 17th May 2020

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