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Animal Farm: EMC Full Text Study Edition (Print)

176 pages


1-9 copies: £20 each; 10-99 copies: £10 each; 100-199 copies: £7.50 each; 200+ copies: £6.90
ISBN: 9781906101695 Download sample PDF

This full-text study edition brings Orwell’s pocket-sized classic to life with before, during and after reading activities, written by the English and Media Centre’s award-winning team of English education specialists.

Written directly to young readers, these creative and critical activities offer guidance about how to interrogate the text further while always respecting the value of drawing on personal responses as the most direct and effective starting point for detailed textual exploration.

Areas covered include:

  • Language and style
  • Characters
  • Genre
  • Context
  • Setting
  • Themes and ideas
  • Plot
  • Structure
  • Critical responses.
Resource type: Paperback pupil book

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