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Bait – Editing Director’s Rushes (Download)


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This is a unique opportunity for students to hone their editing skills on original rushes from a key scene from a short film, Bait, directed by Tom Shankland (most recently director of The Missing, BBC1, 2015). It offers a rare chance to experiment with editing film shot by a professional director using experienced actors and crew.

The scene lasts 2 minutes and, apart from a single line, is without dialogue. Students are provided with 6 minutes of rushes to edit, along with sound effects and a choice of music scores.

The package includes:

  • 12 separate video clips as QuickTime files (each starting with the clapperboard), easily importable into most versions of Final Cut and iMovie
  • 3 sound effects and 4 possible music scores, as AIFF files
  • guidance notes for the teacher, including background material and a suggested teaching sequence, as both Word and PDF document
  • the actual script of the scene that would be used by an editor, as both Word and PDF document
  • the final Director’s Cut of the scene so that teachers can show students finished version.

This is a large file (240mbs) and could take from 5 to 10 minutes to download.

Sample Video


'I have to say that 'Bait' is one of the most successful exercises we run. It is a great intro into Final Cut Pro and is on of the quietest lessons we do….
….The most important thing is to show them a 'match cut' and explain how to do it. I tend to use the shots of the tramp coming in to the café and taking food off the plate.'

Micky Maniloff on using the exercise with students getting to grips with Final Cut Pro

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