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Blake’s Songs EMC Study Guide (Download)

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The English and Media Centre’s 136-page photocopiable Video PDF publication provides a route through the Songs, focusing on key poems and drawing connections across the collection. Key features of the publication include a close study of individual poems with activities encouraging students to read the poems comparatively and in context through approaches designed to appeal to a range of learning styles. The material provides contextual material (Blake’s own work and beliefs; historical, political and literary contexts) closely connected to textual study; and a range of critical responses and ways of exploring the context of readings over time. The PDF also includes an interview with Blake specialist Professor David Punter, Bristol University.

A note on the Video PDF download edition of Studying Blake's Songs

The text of this publication refers to activities on interactive CD ROM. This is no longer supported on many Windows or Mac operating systems. The price of the publication has been reduced to reflect this. 

Instead, a downloadable folder of the non-interactive assets (video clips, PDFs etc) is provided. Downloadable folder of additional assets includes

  • 35-minute interview divided into 10 sections with Blake specialist Professor David Punter, Bristol University.
  • Extracts from The South Bank Show: Peter Ackroyd, Alan Ginsberg and enacted readings.
  • Images and Picture Power program for work on 'London'.
  • All the poems from Songs of Innocence and of Experience (illuminated poems and Word files).
  • A PDF of the full publication.

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