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Curious Incident Study Guide (Print)

80 pages


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Offers a well-paced route through the text, introducing the challenges of critical reading and writing. Approaches include focused work on language and the craft of the writer and opportunities for speaking and listening, drama and original writing.

  • Activities and resources.
  • Short video interview with the author from the BBC programme Imagine.
  • Extracts from the BBC documentary My Family and Autism.
  • A PDF of the complete publication.

Please note:

The text of this publication refers to activities on interactive CD ROM. This is no longer supported on many Windows or Mac operating systems. The price of the publication has been reduced to reflect this. Instead, a downloadable folder of the non-interactive assets (video clips, PDFs etc) is provided.

The downloadable folder of additional assets includes:

  • PDF files of individual activities
  • Short video interview with the author from the BBC programme Imagine 
  • Extracts from the BBC documentary My Family and Autism 
  • A PDF of the complete publication.
Resource type: A4, photocopiable wirobound book with downloadable resources

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