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Diverse Shorts (Print) with ‘EMC-Free’ Critical Literacy Cards

160 pages


1-9 copies: £20 each; 10-99 copies: £10 each; 100-199 copies: £7.50 each; 200+ copies: £6.90 Also part of EMC Curriculum Plus.
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This publication fills a much-needed gap in the educational experience of today’s secondary pupils, with its focus on a richly diverse range of texts to promote critical thinking. From Andrea Levy to David Almond, from Angie Thomas to George Orwell, and from Alex Wheatle to ZZ Packer, pupils are offered challenging material by renowned authors writing about issues important to the world today. Accompanying material, both within the book and available online, encourages pupils to explore the texts from a range of critical standpoints. Perfect for English lessons, Citizenship, PSHE and tutor time.

Free download version of EMC's Critical Literacy Cards at the bottom of this page. 

Key Aspects

  • Literature to challenge, entertain and inspire
  • Develops vital critical reading skills
  • Engages young people with real world values
  • Activities to use with each short story or extract
  • Read singly or in thematically linked clusters
  • Includes nine specifically developed critical literacy cards:‘identity’, ‘freedom’, ‘tolerance, rights & respect’, ‘justice’, ‘diversity & community’, ‘democracy’, ‘equality & responsibility’, ‘change & action’, ‘power & control’.

Stories and novel extracts for 11-16-year-olds:

  • David Almond
  • Sita Brahmachari
  • Anne Cassidy
  • Ted Chiang
  • Helen Dunmore
  • Hans Fallada
  • Elizabeth Laird
  • Patrice Lawrence
  • Andrea Levy
  • George Orwell
  • ZZ Packer
  • Bali Rai
  • Gillian Slovo
  • Angie Thomas
  • Alex Wheatle
  • Benjamin Zephaniah

Diverse Shorts is included in EMC KS3 Curriculum Plus.

Additional material:

Critical Literacy Cards to download.

An overview of EMC KS3 CurriculumPlus.

Resource type: Pupil book


We are using Diverse Shorts and Iridescent Adolescent at our school and the teachers and students LOVE them! 

I just had a meeting with our Year 9 teachers and they were so enthusiastic about the Iridescent collection and the teaching resources. They said the discussions in class have been the best they've had for a long time.

Antony, Ecole Jeannine Manuel, Paris 

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