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Dramatic Genres: Comedy (Print)

160 pages


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A comprehensive set of materials and activities on the dramatic genre of comedy. Provides:

  • an overview from the Greeks to the 21st- century, with annotated timeline
  • concise and accessible explanations of types, features and concepts, with activities for exploring the genre as a whole and for applying to particular plays
  • introductory activities to set the agenda for study and provide students with a wide-ranging literary context, including 18 substantial extracts from comedies
  • 10 production stills to introduce students to key aspects of dramatic comedy
  • approaches to encourage students to appreciate the plays as dramatic texts
  • substantial sections on key areas of comedy (structure; characterisation; genre; language; the fool; subversion, misrule and carnivalesque; green worlds; identity, disguise and cross-dressing; women) with practical activities and short integrated extracts from critical material to stimulate and extend students’ thinking
  • more substantial extracts from critical material on Shakespearean comedy.

On the DVD

  • Dr Eric Langley and Professors Adam Roberts and Dan Rebellato from Royal Holloway, on Shakespeare’s comedies, theories of laughter and comedy, and key dramatic comedies
  • a PDF of the publication for printing
  • a colour PDF of production stills.


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Resource type: A4, wirobound photocopiable resource with 2-hr DVD

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They have now surpassed themselves with Dramatic Genres: Studying Comedy, a fantastic resource... essential reading for teaching any comedy text in any syllabus.

NATE magazine, Spring 2013

Brilliant as ever!

Julie Cuthbertson, Lutterworth College

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