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EMC Approaches to Kindertransport (Download)

33 pages (pdf) 68 pages (video)


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Includes video interviews with playwright Diane Samuels and Vera Coppard, a kindertransport child.

At the heart of this publication are the video interviews with playwright Diane Samuels and Vera Coppard, who escaped Germany on the kindertransport in 1939. The interviews provide insight into the context for the play, its dramatic construction and development, characterisation and themes. With material and activities to support both GCSE and advanced level students, the publication includes:

  • a range of engaging and challenging activities
  • strategies to explore the play as a dramatic text
  • 13 video clips with suggestions for using the interview
  • speaking and listening and creative writing approaches
  • contemporary images and production stills
  • activities to support students preparing for examination.

EMC Approaches to Kindertransport includes:

  • a page PDF with the activities in a print-friendly form
  • a Video PDF  with video clips embedded.

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